The Shape East Accordia Audio Tour:
"An Urban Rug on a Carpet of Landscape"

Shape East is delighted to bring you our audio tour of the award-winning Accordia Development, Brooklands Avenue, Cambridge. The audio tour will take you on a guided walk of Accordia, exploring all aspects of this residential development, from the early planning process and history of the site, to the individual house plans, motivations and concerns of the three architect teams, the developers, landscapers, local authority planning committees and finally the residents themselves.

The walk is free to use and is suitable for anyone with an interest in the built environment, from professionals in the field to local authorities, schools, youth and community groups.

To use this tour, you should download the Tour Pack and the Audio Zip file, which contains the 16 mp3 stop files. These can then be used on whichever device you choose, I Pod, Mp3 player, burnt to CD or even to your phone.

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Download the Accordia Tour Pack:
This includes the tour map, directions
and further useful information

Download the Accordia Tour Map:
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Download the Complete Audio Tour (zip file):
Shape East Accordia Tour (52 MB)

This audio download contains the complete Accordia audio tour, tracks 1 - 16. When downloaded, it will appear as a zip file. Double click on this file to open the folder, which contains all 16 mp3 tracks. The mp3 tracks can then be copied onto any listening device, whether your mobile phone, i player, mp3 player or to burn onto CD.

Please Note:
Before you go on the Accordia walk, it would be useful to listen to the three introductory tracks. These can be listened to below but are also included in the full audio download.

Track 1: Before You Start

Track 2: Introduction

Track 3: The Cambridge Context

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