Shape East aims to raise awareness and enjoyment of inspirational places and spaces through its ShapeEXPLORE programme. To do this, we have created a range of written, audio and organised walking tours to guide you at your leisure around a diverse collection of built and green spaces. The tours cover an array of interesting subjects; from modern architecture to historical design to the current challenges of climate change and environmental polluting. These tours are available free to download below and to enjoy at your leisure. We also run expert-led tours, site visits and day trips for schools, community groups and professionals to exemplar sites of good design in and around your local areas. These are a great way to get out and learn what makes a great place great.

Tours of Good Design

Good design matters. Shape East organises a number of tours to areas of design excellence - from housing developments to town centres, historic buildings and tourist attractions to academic sites and schools. We believe that through site visits and associated talks and training, we can much better understand what can and has made better places to live and work in.

All site visits are led by experts in the field and are available for all ages and backgrounds, from schools to council members to professional organisations. Single tours take on average 1 to 2 hours, or half day sessions can be held, which include pre-tout talks and post-tour workshops and discussion.

Set locations of our most popular tours of good design:
- Tibby's Triangle, Southwold
- Re-Use of Churches, Norwich
- Accordia Housing Development, Cambridge

Walking with Women: Unlocking the Female Stories of Cambridge's Past

Is the Cambridge experience merely 'an array of old men staring down at you from oak-panelled walls'? (local resident). Not any more! This new guide to Cambridge city centre aims to show Cambridge's buildings through a female perspective, by focusing on the role local women have played in making the city what it is today. From the squalid cages of Regent Street's Spinning House to astrophysicist Jocelyn Bell's stolen star-mapping, the booklet provides a punchy, easy-to-digest guide of the often forgotten female tales and tragedies locked within this historic city's bricks and mortar.

This tour guide can be ordered from Shape East or booked as a fully guided tour.

To order, book or view more information on this tour please click here

AUDIO TOURS: Shape Walks

Shape East has commissioned this series of eight architectural walks to guide you around the best of what Cambridge has to offer. These walks are free to download and include a route map. Two of the walks also include audio commentary to download to your iPod or MP3 player.

If you would like us to organise a guided tour of any of these walks, we would be happy to do so. Please see below for our charges.

Cambridge Past and Present Shape Walk tour, please click here
Change in the City Shape Walk tour, please click here

AUDIO TOUR: Accordia Tour

A CABE funded tour of the award-winning Accordia housing development will provide an in depth architectural focus for professionals, students and interested parties. This is a free-to-download audio tour.

If you would like us to organise a guided tour of this walk, we would be happy to do so. Please see below for our charges.

To view and download this tour, please click here

AUDIO TOUR: Devil's Ditch Podcast

An English Heritage funded tour of the Devil's Ditch walk in Cambridgeshire will take you along the whole length of the Devil's Ditch, teaching you about this Anglo Saxon Earthwork, the finest of its kind in the country. This is a free-to-download audio tour.

To view and download this tour, please click here

Bespoke TOURS: Shape East Exemplar Tours and Site Visits

As part of our ShapeEXPLORE programme, we offer expert-led tours and site visits to inspirational exemplars of buildings, spaces and places. Following the belief We have taken a huge variety of groups, from primary schools to Councillor, local authority officers, professionals and students to learn what works, and indeed, what doesn't work in terms of good design, functional and aesthetic quality and sustainable living. Tours vary from residential estates to university buildings, converted churches or simply the streets around your schools and neigbourhoods.

To view examples of the bespoke tours and site visits we have led, click on the links below:

To find out how we could run a site visit to suit your needs, please contact us:
tel: 01223 462 606

WRITTEN TOUR: Cambridge Sculpture Trails

Shape East are proud to endorse the Cambridge Sculpture Trails. This is a series of three separate sculpture walks around Cambridge city to enable you to discover its rich diversity of works of art.

To view these tours please go to

Shape East Recommends: Architecture Tours in Dublin

'Take to the streets! Discover Dublin's architectural icons with Architecture Tours Ireland. Join lively and informative tours that explore both new and historic landmarks in Dublin.'

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Shape East Tours: Charges

All charges are guides only. These may be amended according to individual needs.

1 - 2 hour expert led tour:

Under 18s and school / youth groups: £200. Max 30 people.
Community groups and organisations: £200. Max 30 people.
Professionals and Local Authorities: £300. Max 30 people.

Half day package: Introduction to Good Design - Expert led Tour - Workshop Session:

Under 18s and school / youth groups:£300. Max 50 people.
Community groups and organisations: £300. Max 50 people.
Professionals and Local Authorities: £400. Max 50 people.


Please get in touch with us to discuss any enquiries:


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