Shape East is a member of the Design Network, a national network of eight independent organisations providing design review, support and training services to promote quality in the built environment.Design Review

We offer a wide range of Design Support & Enabling Services to help meet the needs of developers, design teams, local authorities and local communities. As well as monthly Design Review meetings, we offer training workshops/sessions, local panel support, community engagement and design surgeries. Our design review service is applicable to the whole spectrum of development, from rural housing and large-scale masterplanning and infrastructure projects. Our fees may be met by one or other party or on a shared basis.

Our panel of experts is chaired by Bob Allies, co-founder of Allies & Morrison, a leading national architectural and masterplanning practice with 30 RIBA awards.

To book a design review or to ask us anything about our design support services please contact:

Chris Lamb, Design Support Manager
Tel: 01223 462 606

Design Network



Design Support Enablers and Design Review Panel Members

Bob Allies

Our panel of experts is chaired by Bob Allies, co-founder of Allies & Morrison, a leading national architectural and masterplanning practice with 30 RIBA awards.

Other members include Keith Bradley of Feilden Clegg Bradley studios, winners of the only Stirling Prize awarded to a housing scheme.

The Panel consists of 36 respected built environment professionals. The panel sectors of expertise include housing, commericial, institutional, education, heritage, public spaces, transport, community facilities, infrastructure, sustainability, sports facilities, ecology and conservation. It has been described at the national level as 'possibly the best panel in the country'.

To see the full list of Shape East Design Support enablers and Design Review Panel members, please click here: Shape East Enablers and Panel Members.

Our Design Support Services

Below are examples of the design support services we offer. However, all services are flexible and can be adapted to suit individual needs. Please get in touch to discuss any requirements with our Design Support Team: or call 01223 462 606.

1. Design Review
2. Follow up Reviews
3. Design Support Workshops and Surgeries
4. Community Engagement

1. Design Review

Costs depend on individual specifications such as the scale/nature of the scheme and the type/level of design support required.

About Design Review

The Design Review is a formal procedure to review and make recommendations on development proposals before and/or during the planning process. It is also used at appeal stage. Conducted by Shape East through an expert Panel, the procedure involves site inspection, Panel meeting and written report. The report can be submitted with the planning application, for reference by planning officers.

The service is applicable to the whole spectrum of development proposals, from rural housing to large-scale masterplanning and infrastructure projects. We work jointly with CABE on larger projects and in partnership with local Design Review panels.

The Benefits of Design Review

The purpose of our service is to ease the path of development proposals through the planning process, in the interests of developers, councils and the public.

Design Review is an opportunity for councils and design teams to work with independent experts to discuss proposals and reach consensus over difficult matters. At modest cost, the process can save time and improve confidence for all parties.

As outlined by the NPPF, design review is a positive addition to planning applications, as it demonstrates a desire to "ensure high standards of design."

For more information or to put a scheme forward for review, please contact Chris Lamb, Design Support Manager, on or telephone 01223 462606 to discuss your requirements.

2. Follow up Review of Schemes

We organise follow up design review meetings of schemes which have previously been through a full design review, using the same personnel to provide additional focused advice on the project / proposal. This can be done without a site visit.

Please contact: for any enquiries

3. Design Support Workshops and Surgeries

Design workshops and surgeries are an extremely effective way of exploring and critiquing developments from their entirety down to a smallest detail of dispute. It is an especially useful practice in situations where conflicts may have arisen. Shape East will use their design support team and expert enablers, acting independently to facilitate collaborative discussion and understanding of the issues addressed.Workshops and surgeries are highly flexible to suit individual needs.

Please contact: for any enquiries

4. Community Engagement

The East of England is continuously developing, with new towns, villages and neighbourhoods constantly being planned for the future. As part of our design support services, we offer an extensive range of community consultation services, from advice surgeries and workshops to young people's

Our central aim isto bridge the gap between members of the local community, design professionals and decision makers, providing the necessary information and engagement to give all people a say in local changes.

As an independent organisation we are extremely well-placed to provide these services, building consultation programmes tailor made to meet your requirements and respond to the individual needs of all clients. We have completed a wide variety of consultation projects, with primary and secondary schools, young people, mother and toddler groups, elderly residents, local communities, local authorities and professional stakeholders.These services range from one to two day sessions to complete intensive consultation programmes and may include feedback sessions, results analysis and dissemination and report write ups.

Please contact: for any enquiries

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