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As part of our ongoing programme of seminars, lectures and tours, Shape East has compiled a database of all of the most useful, innovative and interesting presentations. Please click on the links below to download the pdf files.

Topic of Event

Presentations (all in pdf form unless stated)

March 2011: Places of Worship
A Seminar aimed at church groups maintaining and repairing places of worship.
Jan 2011: Historic Places
How local communities can contribute to protecting and enhancing the historic environment

Oct 2010: Stopping the Rot
How to protect vulnerable historic buildings and other heritage assets  

Feb 2010: Spotting Quality Design
The importance of quality design and affordable low energy housing.
Jan 2010: Adapting Churches
Guidance for those involved in the adaptation of working church buildings
Nov 2009: Climate Change and Historic Buildings
important built environment issues developing due to climate changes
Dec 2009: Density: Making New Developments Work:
The practicalities involved in high density, sustainable design

Nov 2009: Delivery in the Downturn
The central issues surrounding the future of the development industry

Sep 2009: Managing Change in Urban and Rural Historic Landscapes
The historic landscape in the planning process and the modern day threats to our archaeological heritage and landscape
Sep 2009: Improving Quality of Place
Urban design and advice for Councillors' on improving quality of place.
April 2009: Reclaiming the Public Realm in Historic Towns
An exploration of the use of public space in historic towns in the UK and Europe.
March 2009: Building in Context, Thetford
The general dilemmas and issues faced in urban design and development in historic places
Jan 2009: New (Secular) Uses for Old Churches
An exploration of the key considerations in the new use of redundant churches.
Jan 2009 : A New Way of Life? The Truth about Zero-Carbon Living
Imagining a zero-carbon future and how we might think about achieving this.
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General Presentations

The following are presentatiosn unaffilliated to Shape East events, but donated by friends and associates of Shape East.