This page contains links to a huge range of information and resources on sustainable living, eco-architecture and good design from all around the globe. Click on the categories below to scroll down to the relevant links. If you think you have a link which may be added to our list, please contact us.

01 - Architecture, Planning, Eco Designglobal links
02 - Building, Housing, Urban Development
03 - Renewable Energy, Alternative Technology
04 - Education, Research, Universities
05 - Accreditation, Awards, Validation
06 - Employment, Career, Volunteer Opportunities
07 - Business Ethics, Entrepreneurial
08 - Networks, Consortiums, Communities
09 - Living Models, Life Style, Vision, Utopia
10 - Eco-Tourism, Ecovillages, Eco Real Estate
11 - National Parks, Forests, Species, Waters, Wildlife
12 - Organic Farming, Permaculture, Biodynamics, Food
13 - Links, Resources, Databases, Directories
14 - News, Information, Magazines, Media
15 - Indigenous, Native, Aboriginal
16 - Foundations, Organisations, Societies, NGOs
17 - Government, Public Institutions, UN Agencies
18 - Justice, Environmental Law, Treaties
19 - Earth Changes, Greenhouse Emissions, Reporting
20 - Recycling, Waste, Toxic Materials, Pollution

01 - Architecture, Planning and Eco-Design

AIA, Sustainable Design Resource Guide - USA
Architectural green solar network - Germany
Architecture Planning & Landscape Info. Gateway Sapling - UK
Architecture Web Resources - USA
ArchNet Islamic Architecture Community
ARCOSANTI a Prototype Arcology
Atlas on architecture of the future
Beddington Zero Energy Development (Greenline) - UK
Buckminster Fuller Virtual Institute
CalEarth - Earth Art and Architecture
City Farmer Community Gardens
Contemporary furniture design and sustainability in Canada
Creating an Environmentally Friendly Office - Canada
Creative Tools and Media for Spatial Design (Artifice, Inc.) - USA
Designing for Sustainability - The Green WebGuide
Design of Light Space, Architecture of Silence - NL
Design outlaws The new Alchemists (John Todd)
Dismantling the cities - Cities taking the lead
Earthship Architecture - comfortable temperatures in any climate
Eco Architecture - Archoo Links
Eco-Design & Engineering Tools Fraunhofer Institute - Germany
Eco-Design Links collected by Modern World Design
Eco-Design Reference - Independent Designers Network
EcoDesign Resource Society - Canada
Ecodesign The basic principles of eco-design - UK
Eco-Indicator Tool for designers (ECO- it)
Ecological design center - USA
Ecological Design The Unstoppable Wave - USA
Ecological Engineering Ecological Wastewater Alternatives - USA
Ecological Sustainable Design in the Built Environment
Ecotecture Journal of Ecological Design
EcoTopia - A design strategy for the new millennium
Eden Project ... that celebrates life ...a sanctuary for all - UK
Environmental Building Design, Sustainable Architecture
Environmental Design + Construction (EDC) - USA
Environmental Design Library
Environmentally Responsible Design Check List
Environment Design Guide (RAIA) - Australia
Fibonacci Numbers, the Golden section and the Golden String
Fibonacci Spirals Phi Formula Geometry
Free Life Cycle Assessment on the Internet - USA
Green Architecture Buildings (architecture.mnp)
Green Architecture Checklist - Residential Buildings
Green Architecture and Sustainable Living Websites
Green Bulders Guide - USA
Green Cities: a Guide for Sustainable Community Development
Green Design & Building - USA
Green Design, an Online Reference Tool (TreeHugger)
Green Design Sustainable Architecture Resources
Greener Design Inhabitat (a weblog devoted to the future of design)
Greener by Design - Green Building
Holistic design for architects, builders and planners - New Zealand
Image Database - Architecture Visual Resources Library
Index UK for architects and the construction industry (Abacus)
ING-bank Architecture (Architects A. Alberts and M. van Huut)
International Ecological Engineering Society
Lizuna-house - Case Study - Japan
Nature-friendly Experimental House - New Zealand
Ocean Arks International, ecological water purification (John Todd)
02 Global network for sustainable design
Palladio the Proportions of Rooms
Palladio's Italian Villas and Secrets
Permaculture Design Principles, Observation Natural Patterns
Pythagoras Music and Space
Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development
Residential Environmental Design and Sustainable Architecture
Resource for Urban Design Information (RUDI)
Royal Institute of British Architects - Architecture Links
Sun Angle - Calculations for Sustainable Design
Sustainable Architecture and Building Biology - Italy
Sustainable Architecture, Building and Culture - USA
Sustainable Architecture and Building Design (SABD)
Sustainable Architecture Directory
Sustainable Architecture - Eco Design and Landscaping
Sustainable Architecture, Planning (Broadway Architects) - Canada
Sustainable Architecture, Sustainable Buildings, Reuse... - USA
Sustainable Community Design Resources and Links - Canada
Sustainable Design - DOE Complex-Wide Program - USA
Sustainable Design and Development Resources
Sustainable Green
Sustainable Project Rating Tool (SPiRiT)
Sustainable Urban Design and Climate - Australia
Sustainable urban development in Europe (List of Cases)
Synergy International - Global energy and environmental design
The Ahwahnee Principles - USA
The Architects' Chicago Declaration
The Centre for Sustainable Design
The EcoDesign Foundation - Sustainments Research and Education
The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation
The Hannover Principles (Blue Planet)
The Holistic Architecture Net
The Journal of Sustainable Product Design
The 'Phi-Nest' Source to the golden section and divine proportion
The Sustainable Design Forum
The Urban Planning Portal (Cyburbia) - USA
The Virtual Study Tour - In Memory of Architecture - New Zealand
Thoreau Center for Sustainability
Threshold 21 Integrated Computer Develop...(Millennium Institute)
Vitruvius (Cesare Cesariano, Como 1521)
Web Links Related to Islamic Architecture
Zero Emissions Middle East Tower (WorldChanging)

02 - Building, Housing and Urban Development

Agenda Construccio' Sostenible (in Spanish) Spain
A Global Overview of Renewable Energy Sources (AGORES)
Alternative Energy Information (Tom Elliots Example House) - USA
Association for Environmentally Conscious Building
Austin Sustainable Building Coalition - USA
Australian Building Greenhouse Rating
Autonomus & Sustainable Housing Alberta's Eco Home - Canada
Best Practices Database (UN-Habitat)
Best Practices & Local Leadership Programme (UN-Habitat)
Building Energy Efficiency Related Sites - Hong Kong
Building Envelopes and Environmental Systems
Building Environmental Science & Technology (B.E.S.T.) - USA Environmental Building Topics - USA
Building Materials, Construction Tools and Products - USA
Building Today for Tomorrow Green Home Building - USA
Center for Construction & Environment (Powell) - USA
Cool Roofing Materials Data Base - USA
Danish Building Reasearch Institute - Denmark
Dismantling the cities - Cities taking the lead
Earthfuture The Solutions Project - Canada
Earth House Info. on Earth Sheltered Homes & Materials - USA
Earthship Biotecture Sustainable Housing - USA
Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood Eco-homes - New Zealand
Eco-city links (Waitakere City Council) - New Zealand
Eco-Home Network ecological housing sustainable development
Energy Crossroads Green Buildings
Energy and Environmental Issues in the Building Sector - Canada
Environmental Design + Construction (EDC) - USA
Environmentally Responsible Design (Brown University) - USA
EUROCITIES - the network of major European cities
European Cities & Regions Networking for New Transport Solutions
European Directory of Sustainable and Energy Efficient Building
European Green Building Forum (EGBF)
European Network for Housing Research
ForestWorld The Sustainable Forest Products Resource - USA
Global Village The Institute for Appropriate Technology
Green Building Alliance Smart Solutions for Built Environment - USA
Green Building Concepts Tools to build ... Efficient Lifestyle - USA
Green Building Council of Australia
Green Building Council - Canada
Green Building Council - New Zealand
Green Building Council - UK
Green Building Council - USA
Green Buildings - Smart Communities Network
GreenHOME Making Environmentally-Responsible Homes... - USA
High-tech Dome City in India - New Oroville
Institute for Environmental Living (Apeiron Institute) - USA
International Initiative for Sustainable Built Environment
Life Cycle Assessment on the Internet - USA
Life Cycle Assessment (SimaPro) - Australia
Livable Cities for the 21st Century (The Priorities Institute) - USA
Minimising Construction Waste (on SITE) - Australia
Natural Building Resources - Strawbale Central
Nature-friendly Experimental House - New Zealand
Northwest EcoBuilding Guild - USA
Oikos Green Building Source, Green Building Materials
Rammed Earth Construction - New Zealand
Rammed Earth Solar Homes - USA
RICSonline - Information & services for surveying profession - UK
Seabird Sustainable Community Project (Broadway Arch.) - Canada
Sustainable Building Resource - Italy
Sustainable Building Sourcebook
Sustainable Building Sources
Sustainable construction CIB projects - Finland
Sustainable Development (Sumerset Trust) - UK
Sustainable Development The World Wide Virtual Library
Sustainable Homes Promoting Sustainable Action in Housing - UK
Sustainable Building Sources and Links
Sustainable Urban Housing in China Resources (MIT)
Technical Components Guide to the BioHome
The Duckpond Building our own Mudbrick Home - Australia
The Energy & Environmental Building Association - USA
The International Network for Urban Development
The New
The Twin Cities Green Guide COMMUNITY Eco-Villages - USA
Urban Ecology Australia
Urban Environmental Management LINKS
West Stevenage New Urban Villages - UK
Whole Building Design Guide (WBDG) - USA
World Green Building Council

03 - Renewable Energy and Alternative Technology

Advanced Industrial Science and Technology - Japan
Alternative Energy Technology - Leading Edge Internat. Research
Alternative Fuels Directory Energy Planet
Alternative Fuel Solutions Directory
Alternative Technology Association - Australia
Alternative Technology Web Guide - People in Action
American Wind Energy Association
Association of Power Producers of Ontario - Canada
Australian Electric Vehicle Association
Austrian Energy Agency (EVA)
Bioenergy Australia
Bioenergy Information Network
British Wind Energy Association (BWEA)
Center for Neighborhood Technology
Center for Resource Solutions - USA
Centre for Alternative Technology - Europe
Centre for Photovoltaic Enginneering (UNSW) - Australia
Clean Energy Basics (NREL) - USA
Clean Technology Centre - Ireland
Danish Wind Industry Association
Department of Energy Utilities and Sustainability (NSW) - Australia
Discover Solar Energy Links - USA
Energy Environment and Sustainable Development - Europe
Environmental and Energy Study Institute
Environmental Energy Technologies Division - USA
Environmental Engineering and Technology in Australia (ComEETA)
Ethanol in India - Information and Useful Links
European Association for Renewable Energies (Eurosolar)
European Biomass Association
European Green Electricity Forum
European Renewable Energy Centres Agency (EUREC)
European Solar Thermal Industry (ESTIF)
Fraunhofer-Institut für Solare Energiesysteme (ISE) - Germany
FUEL CELLS Online Information Resource
German Appropriate Technology and Ecoefficiency Programme
Global Environment & Technology Foundation
Green-e Renewable Electricity Certification Program - USA
Green Innovations - Australia
Green Power Steering Group - Australia
Home Power Magazine Hands-on Renewable Energy Source
Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development - UK
Integrity Research Institute
International Energy Agency (IEA)
International Institute for Energy Conservation
International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE)
International Solar Energy Society (ISES)
Knowledge centre for energy and the environment - Novem
managEnergy - ...intelligent use of energy in EU Member States
Midwest Renewable Energy Association - USA
National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT) - USA
Northeast Sustainable Energy Association - USA
NW Energy Coalition - USA
Photovoltaic Power Systems in the Built Environment
Regional Information Service Centre for Southeast Asia (in Thai)
Renewable Energy Information Network (REIN)
Renewable Energy Information - UK
Renewable Energy Links and Resources (ibiblio)
Renewable Energy Nordic Folkecenter - Danemark
Renewable Energy Vermont - USA
RENEW Visconsin for Sustainable Future - USA
Solar Cooking Resources on the Web
Solar Electric Power Association - USA
Solar Energy International
Solar Energy Society (ISES) - UK
Solar Household Energy (non profit org)
Solar Radiation Map - Australia
Southern Alliance for Clean Energy - USA
Sustainable Energy Action (SEA - Renue) - UK
Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI)
Sustainable Minnesota for Energy Efficient Economy- USA
The American Solar Energy Society (ASES)
The International Solar Energy Society (ISES)
World Council for Renewable Energy (WCRE)

04 - Education, Research, Universities

Antioch University Seattle Program in Environment and Community
Australia New Zealand Society for Ecological Economics
Boundary Institute nonprofit scientific research organization - USA
BRIDGES to Sustainability, implementing sustainable development
Building LCA Project Life Cycle Assessment Tools (RMIT) - Australia
Bureau for International Research and Technology Cooperation
Can China Feed Itself? - A System for Evaluation of Policy Options
Centre for Air Transport and the Environment (MMU) - UK
Center for Environmental Citizenship - Green Campus - USA
Center for Global Environmental Education (CGEE) - USA
Center for Ecological and Environmental Studies (Akamai University)
Centre for Economic & Social Studies on the Environment - Belgium
Centre for Education in the Built Environment - UK
Centre for Development and Environment Berne - Switzerland
Centre for Human Ecology - Scotland
Centre for Research and Education for Sustainability (ANU) - Australia
Center for Sustainable Systems (CSS) - USA
Centre of Urban Planning & Environmental Management - HK
Community Research and Development Information Service - EU
Context Institute a nonprofit research organization
Corporate Sustainability Project (UTS) Publ. & Resources - Australia
CSIRO Australia - Scientific and Industrial Research
Defining Sustainability Research for Next-Generation Innovation
Earth Awareness Educational Resources
Earth A Graphic Look At The State of the Planet
EarthTrends: The Environmental Information Portal
EcoHotline Environmental Knowledge (Griffith EcoCentre) - Australia
Ecological Design Institute - California
Ecological Design The Unstoppable Wave (SFIA) - California
Ecosa Institute - Sustainable, ecological, regenerative design - USA
Eco-Schools implementing Local Agenda 21 - International
Eco-Schools Programme - UK
Eco Times paradise in the city > Organic Youth Garden - Canada
Education for Sustainable Development Tool Kit
Education for Sustainability (Second Nature)
Education for Sustainability (NCSE) - USA
Education World® Educators Best Friend
Energy Research Institute (TERI) > energy, environ.... - India - Finacial Aid for Students of the Environment
Environmental Education Directory of New Zealand
Environmental Education Exchange
Environmental Education Station
Environmental Ethics Institute (EEI) - USA
Environmental Practice at Work Environmental eLearning - UK
Environmental Programs (Melbourne University) - Australia
Environmental Science Online Courses (WorldWideLearn)
Environmental Technology Centre (Murdoch University) - Australia
Environment Research Projects - CSIRO - Australia
Environment, Society and Design Division - New Zealand
Environment and Sustainable Development (UN University)
European Educational Forum (EEF)
Evergreen, bringing nature to our cities - Canada
Facing the Future - People and the Planet
Faculty of the Built Environment (The University of NSW) - Australia
Findhorn Foundation College - inner growth & outer action
Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft Institute - Germany
Future Australia environment and community education directory
German Network Environmentally sound Development of Universities
GIANT Global Information Access Net
Global Information Access Net GIANT (University of Pittsburgh)
Global Sustainability @ RMIT - Australia
Global Terrestrial Observing System Data Access (GTOS)
Green Alliance Thinking, Talking, Acting on Environment - UK
Green Teacher Education for Planet Earth
Harvard University Center for the Environment
Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS)
Institute for Applied Ecology (Öko-Institut e.V.) - Germany
Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development - UK
Institute of Environmental Studies enviroLinks - Australia
Institute for Environmental Studies (KNAW) - Nederlands
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) - Japan
Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR)
Institute of Noetic Sciences - USA
Institute of Social and Ethical AccountAbility - UK
Institute for Sustainable Regional Development - Australia
Integrated Building Technology Teaching - Hong Kong
International Eco-Schools
International Education for Sustainable Development - Canada
International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)
International Society for Environmental Ethics
International Student Org. for Sustainable Economics and Manag.
International Student Travel Confederation
Knowledge for a Compassionate and Sustainable Future
Leading Edge International Research Group
Learning for a Sustainable Environment - LSE
Learning to Create a Sustainable World - PI Projects International
Life Cycle Engineering at IKP (University of Stuttgart) - Germany
Life Cycle Engineering Software and Database
Linkages - Resource for Environment & Development Policy Makers
Living Routes, offers accredited college programs - USA/International
Long Island University - Southampton College - Enviro Resources
Millennium Institute - computer modeling for holistic planning
Minnesota Sustainable Design Guide
Monash Sustainability Institute - Australia
National Centre for Environmental Design at RMIT - Australia
National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) - Japan
National Wildlife Federation - Environmental Education - USA
Nature connected biophilia activities, courses and degrees
Nautilus Institute for Security and Sustainability
New College of California for a Just, Sacred and Sustainable World
New Earth Foundation, grants to projects that... - USA
Norwegian Centre for International Coop. in Higher Education (SIU)
Pacific Institute for Studies in Development, Environment & Security
P.E.R.U. - Peruvian Eco-Sustainable Research & Understanding
Presidio World College - MBA in Sustainable Management
Projects & Activities Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry - India
Projects International - Learning to Create a Sustainable World
Regional Institute of Environmental Technology (REIT) - Asia
Research Institute for Sustainable Energy (RISE)
Research-It! - Your one-stop reference desk
Rocky Mountain Institute an entrepreneurial nonprofit organization
Sai's Health Centres - Institute of Higher Medical Sciences
Sathya Sai Education in Human Values - UK
School of Sustainability Murdoch University - Australia
Schools for a Sustainable Future (Eco Recycle Victoria) - Australia
Schoolzone - the school support site - UK
Schumacher College International Centre for Ecological Studies - UK
Selected Internet resources covering all academic subject areas
SRISTI (...sustainable technologies and institutions) - India
Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) - USA
Students for Environmental Action - Zimbabwe
Students Partnerships Worldwide (SPW)
Sustainable Learning Community Demonstration
Sustainability and Environmental Management (UWA) - Australia
Sustainability Information (UNSW Built Environment) - Australia
Sustainability Institute understanding ...unsustainable behavior
Sustainable Development on Campus A Toolkit
Sustainable Development Home (UBC) - Canada
Sustainable Economic and Educational Developement - India
Sustainable Ecosystems Institute
Sustainable Universities Initiative - USA
Teachers Internet Links - Solar Matters
Tellus Institute - non-profit, environmental research and consulting
The Buckminster Fuller Institute
The Centre for Biodiversity and Bioresources - Australia
The E.F Schumacher Society and Library on The Net
The Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS)
The Environmental Education Directory
The Environmental Study Center - Cyprus
The Erice Statement - World Federation of Scientists
The Graduate Programme in Enviro. Leadership (THIERRY) - Belgium
The Greenhouse School (Volunteer Solutions) - USA
The GW Green University Initiative - USA
The Natural Resources Institute (NRI)
The Natural Step Environmental Institute - Australia
The Resource Centres for Participatory Learning & Action Network
Tools of Change - Outils de changement - Canada
Treshold 21 Integrated Computer Development Model
Union of Concerned Scientists
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
United Nations University
Universities and Colleges all over the World
University Leaders for a Sustainable Future (ULSF)
University Network Sustainable Architecture
Water Sacrality & Lore Wells, Springs, Pools, Lakes - Mything Links
World Future Society Creating Global Strategies.......
Worldwide Universities Network
Worldwide University Index - BRAINTRACK
Wuppertal Institute > Climate, Environment, Energy - Germany

05 - Accreditation, Awards, Validation

Banksia Environmental Awards - Australia
Best Practices Database (UN-Habitat)
Canada Awards for Excellence (National Quality Institute)
Competitive and Sustainable Growth > Open Call CORDIS - Europe
Dubai International Award for Best Practices
Eco-Ethics International Union (EEIU)
Environmental Awards - United Nations Environment Programme
Environment Awards - UK
Environment and Sustainable Development Awards - Canada
European Business Awards for the Environment
European co-operation for Accreditation
Green Power National Accreditation - Australia
Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction Awards
Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (IEMA) - UK
LEED Certification U.S. Green Building Council
National Architectural Accrediting Board - USA
Nobel e-Museum (Nobel Prizes) - Sweden
Nuclear-Free Future Award - International
RABQSA International, Recognising Personell Competence
Sustainable Development Online

06 - Employment, Career, Volunteer Opportunities

Australia's wage, salary and jobs centre -
Career Development & Employment Centre (CDEC)
Conservation Volunteers Australia
Cyber-Sierra's Natural Resources Job Search - International Jobs
Earth Science Jobs - International
EARTHWORKS worldwide career and employment opportunities
ECOVOLUNTEER > is all about linking opportunities
ENDS Environmental JobSearch and Training Courses - UK
Environmental Careers Organization - USA
Environmental Career Center - USA
Environmental Council Jobs - Juju Job Search
Environmental Data Interactive Exchange-environmental job centre
Environmental Jobs in Environmental Career Opportunities
Exchange work for food and accommodation -
General - Australian Job Search
General - Byron Employment Australia
General - Career Jet employment search engine - Australia
General - CareerOne - Australia and International
General - - Work all over the world
General - International Co-operation/Employment - Europe
General - International and Worldwide Jobs, Careers, Employment
General - Job Search Engines (International)
General - JobSpin Job Search - USA
General - My Career - Australia
General - Off-Shore Employment Links for Australian Professionals
General - Overseas Employment Worldwide
General - Overseas Jobs - International
General - Seek Jobs - Australia
General - The Development Executive Group - International Jobs
General - US jobs + Jobs America State-wide
General - US Salary Calculator
Global Volunteer Network - New Zealand
Green Engineering Jobs - International
Green Energy Jobs - recruitment for the renewable energy industry
Green Jobs Resources - GreenSense Action Without Borders
Institute for International Cooperation & Devel. Volunteer Abroad
International Volunteer Work - Travel Abroad
Involvement Volunteers - International Net.. Community Service
Jobs in National Parks, Reserves & Wilderness Areas - USA
Job Openings at WRI - USA
Natural Resource Management > jobs by email - Australia
Naturejobs - making science work
Peace Corps Volunteer Overseas in the Environment
Environmental Jobs and Careers - USA and Canada
Student Conservation Association's Job Net - USA
Summer Jobs & Winter Jobs in Great Places at Cool Works - USA
The International WWOOF Association
Volunteering for Environment and Sustainability (Planet Volunteer)
Volunteering and Training - UK
Volunteersim Jobs Area - Australia
Volunteer Overseas with United Planet
Volunteer - Who offers placements?
Volunteer Work: Volunteer Abroad Programs
Volunteer Vacations Abroad in Latin America

Willing Workers On Organic Farms (NZ)

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07 - Business Ethics, Entreprenurial

Asian Development Bank
Australia New Zealand Society for Ecological Economics ANZSEE
Australian Business - Environment & Industry
Australian Ethical Investment
Business Council of Australia (BCA) - Australia
Business Ethics Corporate Responsibility & Social Investing
Business for Social Responsibility (BSR)
Business and Sustainable Development (BSD) - A Global Guide
Business and Sustainable Development - Solutions for Business
Business to Business, Opportunities
Centre for Sustainable and Environmental Management - UK
Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Management - Italy
Ecobusiness Group - Australia
EcoBusinessLinks, Environmental Directory
E-Commerce Link for Community Entrepreneurs
EcoSystems Renewable Energy Stocks
Egyptian Initiative, Model in Sustainable Living (SEKEM)
EMPRESA promotes corporate social responsibility in the Americas
Environmental Corporate Strategies - Japan
Environmental Expert - Environmental Business Information
Environment and World Bank
Environmental Information for Business and Local Authorities
Environmental Management Accounting (EMA)
Ethical Business Links - Better World
Ethical Business Network - Australia
Ethical business the search for research an Eldis guide
Ethical Investment Internet Resources
Ethical Links Database
Ethical Trading Initiative
Find Venture Capital and Partners for your Green Business
Global Ethics - Institute for Global Ethics
Industrial Environmental Data and Information (glObal SPINE)
GreenMoney On-Line Guide
IISD - Trade and Sustainable Development
International Business Ethics Institute - Links
International chamber of commerce the world business organization
Investors and Environmentalists for Sustainable Prosperity (CERES)
Renewable Energy Businesses in the World
Responsible Business - YERB's Links
Rocky Mountain Institute - entrepreneurial nonprofit organization
Social Entrepreneurial Organisations On Line - UK
St James Ethics Centre - immagine more ethical world - Australia
Sustainable Business Network - New Zealand
Sustainable Business - The Center for Environment and Business
Sustainable Enterprises - For the Earth and its Inhabitants
Sustainable Value - UK
Sustainable Management in Action - Switzerland
The Savory Center link between a healthy environment ... economy
Virtual World Congress of Entrepreneurs
The World Bank Group
World Business Council for Sustainable Development


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08 - Networks, Consortiums, Communities

ASIS Consortium International Website
Be the Dream Network Portal
Biodiversity Conservation Network
Boreal Forest Network - Canada
Built Environment Network
Citizens Network for Sustainable Development (CitNet) - USA
Community - Eco-Living Resource Database
Edge-Ucation, Right Livelihood, Deep Ecology (HAVEN)
EnviroNetwork The job network for environmental professionals...
Environmental Network - Care2 Environment Supersite
Ethical Business Network - Australia
Eurocities The Network of Major European Cities
European Partners for the Environment (EPE)
5th World - Cultural and Environmental Media Production Network
Findhorn Foundation Global Network
Forest Trends Communities Network - USA/International
Global Accords Consortium (MIT)
Global Business Network (GBN)
Global Islands Network (GIN)
Green Alliance - thinking talking acting on the environment - UK
Greening of Industry Network - International
Green Map System - International
Green Net > networking for the environment ... - UK
GreenNet > run by a group of volunteers - Australia
Healthy Building Network
iNS - internetwork for sustainability
International Network for Environmental Management (INEM)
Like-minded Networks - NCN Connections
Living Planet Network - Ecocity
London 21 Sustainability Network
Mobility services for urban sustainability (moses) - Europe
Networld-Project - Green Networld - USA
New Civilization Network
NextStep - Minnesota Sustainable Communities Network
River Network - USA
Smart Communities Network - USA
Smart Growth Network - USA
Social Venture Network Europe
Sustainability Web Ring
Sustainable Communities Network
Sustainable Development Networking Programme (UNDP)
Sustainable Development Networking Programme Guayana (UNDP)
Sustainable Energy & Economy Network (SEEN)
The Asia-Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN)
The Earth Network for Sustainable Development
The Gaia Trust Network
The Global Friends Network
The Natural Step International Network
The Twin Cities Green Guide COMMUNITY Eco-Villages
The Women's Network for a Sustainable Future
Youth action for a Sustainable Future - (UNU)

ZERI Global Network

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09 - Living Models, Life Style, Vision, Utopia

Alternative Technology Association - Community Group - Australia
Applying Sustainable Development
ARCOSANTI a Prototype Arcology
Aurora Project - Ecovillages - Brasil
Auroville - International Experimental Township
Auroville International Township
Celestopea Project - City of Dreams 2011
Center for Respect of Life and Environment
CERES - Community Environmental Park - Australia
Communities Directory FIC Directory Online - USA
Crystal Waters Ecovillage - Australia
DAMANHUR Federation of Damanhur - Italy/International
Eartheasy - Simple, Sustainable Living
Earth Centre - Sustainable Living and Recreation Park - UK
Earthsong Eco-Neighbourhood Eco-homes New Zealand
Eco-Village and Cohousing Assoc of New Zealand (EVCNZ)
EcoVillage at Ithaca - USA
Edge-Ucation, Right Livelihood, Deep Ecology - H A V E N
Findhorn Foundation Eco-Village
Flower of Life Research, LLC
Global Ecovillage Network, Ecovillage Resources
Institute for Planetary Renewal
Intentional Communities Website - International
Intentional Communities - Yahoo! Directory
Life Village - Support for Sustainable Village Development - USA
Living and Raw Foods - living and raw food information
Living With Nature - IndianOrganic.Com
Los Angeles Eco-Village
Mahatma Gandhi - His life, work and philosophy
Meadowdance, an egalitarian child centered community - USA
Natural Bridges EcoVillage, a planned sustainable community - USA
Sai Medical Institutions - Institute of Higher Medical Sciences
Sathya Sai Education in Human Values - UK
Sirius Community - Ecological Living
Sustainable Culture: Evolution of Humanity - USA
Sustainable Living, Communities, Economy, and Agriculture
Sustainability indicators for Sunnybank, Brisbane - Australia
The Rainforest's Doctrine - Santo Daime - Brazil
Utopia Links and Resources
UTOPIA ON THE INTERNET - Philosophy for a better world
Vegan Eco-Village Community In Hawai'i
VISION 2020 - Hamilton Towards a Sustainable Community - Canada

World Transformation

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10 - Eco-Tourism, Ecovillages, Eco Real Estate

Aboriginal Australia > Australian Tourism Net
Aboriginal Australia > Alice Springs Culture Centre
Adventure Travel & World Travel (iExplore)
All World Vacation Station
Alternative/Sustainable tourism - Haiti and Dominican Republic
Amazon Interactive, explore... geography of the Ecuadorian Amazon
Australian Eco Adventures
Business Enterprises for Sustainable Travel (BEST)
Cheap Travel Directory - Europe and Worldwide
Daintree Eco Lodge - Tropical North - Australia
Daintree Rainforest - World Heritage Listed
Discover Amazonia - Amazon Rain Forest - Brazil, Ecuador and Peru
Eco Adventures in the Himalaya, Indochina & Borneo!
ECO Affair, Corporate Venues Adventure Travel - New Zeland
EcoIQ Magazine Features, Opinion, News, Resources, Reviews
Eco Real Estate Australia - eco friendly properties, free directory
Eco Tourism and Adventure with Openworld Thailand
Ecotourism Association of Australia
Ecotourism travel, Eco tours adventure holidays vacations (BAOBAB)
Eco-Tourism, Non-Profit Information
Ecotourism Resource Centre (Big Volcano) - Australia
Ecotours-accomodations-Homestays (EarthFoot small-scale)
Ecotours New Zealand - ecotourism, conservation, nature.. activities
Eco Travels in South America -
Eco-Village, and Cohousing Assoc of New Zealand
Ecovillage Findhorn, new Frontiers for Sustainability
EcoVitality - Using Ecotourism to Fund Conservation & SusDev
Eco Voyager - Distinctive Ecological Soft-Adventures - Venezuela
Global Ecovillage Network
Green Hotels Association
Green Map System
Hopi & Navajo Indian Adventure Weekends - USA
Intentional Communities, Ecovillages, communes, coops, cohousing
La Caravana - an international, non-profit, mobile ecovillage
Los Angeles Eco-Village
Machu Pichu Virtual Tour - Peru
National Geographic Sustainable Destinations Resource Center
Planeta Global Journal of Practical Ecotourism
Pyramids in Mexico - Teotihuacan
Sacred Journeys in the Ecuadorian Andes and Amazon
Sustainable Sources - Sustainably-Built Home Classifieds
Sustaintable Tourism Gourmet Safari culinary vacations are kind...
Sustainable Tourism links and information
THE ASCENDING PATH - Climbing and Expedition Guide
The EcoGateway Link Center
The International Ecotourism Society (
Tjapukai Aboriginal Culture Park, Cairns - Australia
Tools for managing sustainable tourism (Insula)
Trekking & Hiking Guide - sustainable tourism for... travellers
Utopian EcoVillage Network in Ecuador
Voyages Resorts and Hotels - Australia

Western Geographic Eco Tours - Australia

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11 - National Parks, Forests, Species, Waters, Wildlife

All Species - A Call For The Discovery of All Life-forms On Earth
Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition
Arctic Circle of the Circumpolar North
Australia's Biodiversity Clearing-house
Australia's National Parks
Australian Institute of Marine Science
Australian National Parks and Other Places - Western Australia
Australian Seabird Rescue
Australian Venom & Toxin Database
Biodiversity in Central and Eastern Europe
Biology and Management of the World's Ungulates - DeerNet
BioPark - International Foundation
BirdLife Asia Data Library
Birds Australia Nest (RAOU)
Butterfly World - USA
Conservation Committee of the Avicultural Federation of Australia
Conservation International
Convention on Biological Diversity Reports (UNEP)
Convention on International Trade in Endengered Species (UNEP)
Darwin Initiative Promoting biodiversity conservation and .. - UK
Defence of Place - seeking to protect land ...donated in perpetuity
EARTH SANCTUARIES - Saving Australian Wildlife
Earthwatch Institute, Conservation Education Volunteer
Eco Companion Australasia Editors choices mostly Water Links
Ecoforestry principles, policies... for community forest manag. - Aus.
Ecotrust Building Salmon Nation - USA
Endangered Species of the Next Millennium - ES2000
Endangered Species Orchids & Wildlife in Australia
Endangered Species Resources on the 'Net - Links
European Centre for Nature Conservation
Forest Certification Watch > your one-stop information source
Forest Conservation Portal - Rainforest, Forest and Biodiversity...
Forestry, Agroforestry and Environment - Africa
Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)
Friends of the Earth Links
Global Response - Environmental Action and Education Network
Global Water Management Les Biefs du Pilat - France
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park - Australia
Growing Planet "Replenishing the earth one tree at a time"
Handpumps and water well drilling training for safe drinking water
International Forestry Resources and Institutions
International Network of Forests and Communities
International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO)
Izaak Walton League of America - USA
Legacy - The Landscape Connection (TLC)
Maanaki Whenua Landcare Research - New Zealand
Maputaland's Tembe Elephant National Park - South Africa
National Geographic Wild World (Online Conservation Atlas)
National Parks Worldwide SM - Directory by continents-countries
Nature conservation adviser to UK Government (JNCC)
Nature Conservation Council of NSW - Australia
Nornet Environment, The World Online - Australia
Ocean Portal, an IODE Project (UNESCO) - New Zealand
Oceans Alive, Celebration our Marine Biodiversity... - Australia
Parks of the World "The World is a Park with Countries in It"
Plants for A Future - 7000 useful plants
Protected Marine Species Page by Wesley R. Elsberry
Rainforest Action Network Information Center
Red List of Threatened Species (IUCN)
Resources - Wildlife videos, images, sounds - UK
Roundtable on Sustainable Forests - USA
Sable Island Green Horse Society - Canada
Save Endangered Wild Places (RDC BioGems)
SeaWeb Raising Awareness of the Living Oceans
Sustainable forest management in indigenous beech forest - NZ
Sustainable Forest Management Network - Canada
Sustainable management and quality of water - Europe
Sustainable Management of the Usangu Wetland and Catchment
Sydney Water Website - Australia
The Fragile Tropics of Latin America
The International Model Forest Network Secretariat
The Last Noa's Ark, Environmental Program - Brasil
The National Museum of Natural History - Smithsonian Institution
The Rainforest Alliance, Innovative Sollutions for Global Conserv...
The Rainforest Site Help Save Our Rainforests!
The Wilderness Society - Australia
The World Conservation Union (IUCN)
Trial and Wilderness Links - Hiking > Peak to Peak
Vegetation Map Checklist
Water Environment, Recennt & Ongoing Projects
Water Sacrality & Lore Wells, Springs, Pools, Lakes - Mything Links
Waterwatch Victoria - Australia
Western Australian Mangrove Page
Western Cape Nature Conservation - South Africa
Whales and Dolphins - The Oceania Project
Whales on the Net - Australia
Whales on the Net - WWW Links
Whale Watch News - New Zealand
Wilderness Links (The University of Montana) - USA
Wildlife Sites - Electronic Zoo - NetVet Veterinary Resources
WildNet Africa Wildlife Portal - wild animals, endangered species
World Biodiversity Database (ETI BioInformatics)
World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP WCMC)
World National Parks by Country

World Rainforest Information Portal

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12 - Organic Farming, Permaculture, Biodynamics, Food

Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry - Australia
Alternative Agriculture-Related Internet Sites and Documents
Australia's leading organic & biodynamic certification body BFA
Avant-Gardening-Growing Creativity - Creative Organic Gardening
Biodynamic Agriculture Australia
Biodynamic Planting Calendars Supplement/Extracts - Australia
California Center for Land Recycling
Carbohydrate Economy Clearinghouse - USA
City Farmer's Urban Agriculture Notes - Canada
Community Alliance with Family Farmers
Composting Guide - USA
Compost! Master Composter Home Composting
Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC) - USA
Dutch Oven Cooking Recepies
Earth Garden Magazine - Australia
EcoLandTech - Reference Desk and Resources
Foodshare>Working with communities to improve access...- Canada
Future Harvest - Australia
Garden by The Moon > Organic Pathways - New Zeland
Gardening by the Phases of the Moon
InterGarden Resources
International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)
Living with Nature -
Love animals, don't eat them! (LADET)
Maanaki Whenua Landcare Research - New Zealand
Man and Biosphere - Calperum and Taylorville Stations - Australia
National Campaign for Sustainable Agriculture - USA
Nursery & Garden Industry Australia NIASA Best Practice Gudelines
Open Air Farmer's Markets - World Wide Guide
Organic Federation of Australia - organic food, farming...
Organic Growers Society Canberra - Australia
Organic Pathways Links - New Zealand
Organic Trade Association - USA
Organic Tuscany - Italy
Organic Volunteers wwoof program - USA
Permaculture Gardens Permaculture Related Links (La'akea Gardens)
Permaculture The Earth Forums
Permaculture The Earth Links
Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA)
Roundtable on Sustainable Forests - USA
Rural Development Program (MYRADA) - India
Society for Growing Australian Plants - Photo Gallery
Sustainable agriculture practices, natural ranching - USA
Sustainable Agriculture Information (AFSIC)- USA
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program UC - USA
Sustainable Farming Connection
Sustainable Forest Management Network - Canada
The Palestinian Permaculture Pointers
The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture - Australia
The Rural Advancement Foundation International - USA
The World Wide Guide to Farmers' Markets
True Food Network - Greenpeace Australia
Vegetarian Recipes for Animal Friendly, Ethical Cooking...
Vegetarian Recepies at Vegetarian Guide
VegiVentures - Useful Links
Wise Traditions in Food, Farming ... Health - Weston A. Price Found.

World Sustainable Agriculture Association

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13 - Links, Resources, Databases, Directories

Africa Environment and Conservation on the Internet Links
Alternative Information Directory
Australasian Virtual Engineering Library (AVEL)
Best Environmental Directories
Best Practices Database (UN-Habitat)
Biodiversity Resources (MUSE)
Bioenergy Australia Links
CADDET Links Energy Efficiency Renewable Energy - International
Change Works Sustainabity Links - UK
Community - Links & Resources (Buckminster Fuller Institute)
Cooperative Resources Cooperative Credit - USA
Department of the Environment and Heritage - Australia
Directories of Environmental Science Journals
Directory of Development Organizations
Earth Portals, Exploring New Metaphors of Consciousness - Links
EcoBusinessLinks, Environmental Directory
EcoFuture (TM) Guide to Related Organizations and Projects
Eco-Home environmental and ecological links
ECO-Link on the net (ECOASIA)
EcoLinks Sustainable Education (
Ecology WWW Links Page
Ecoportal Canada - Environmental Directories, Portals & Networks
Eco-Portal - the Environmental Sustainability Info Source
ECOTOPIA Links and Resources
Ecovillage Resources (Global Ecovillage Network)
Embassy, Consulate Directory Addresses & Websites Worldwide
Encyclopedia (
Encyclopedia and Reference Resource (AllRefer Reference)
EnviroLink Environmental Resources
Environmental Agencies and Organizations (CGRER)
Environmental Companies Online Databases (EIY) - UK
Environmental Databases NLE Reference Programs - USA
Environmental Knowledge Advocates Society (EKAS)
Environmental Links
Environmental Links (BizManualz)
Environmental Links (ESS-ACA) - Austria
Environmental Links, link exchange
Environmental Links (Mike Vandeman)
Environmental Organization WebDirectory!
Environmental Resource Links - Resource Directories
Environmental Resources (Yellow Pages)
Environmental Resources (Flinders University) - Australia
Environmental Sciences Web Resources
Environment Directory - Australia
Environment Directory Agriculture Natural Disaster Water Resources
Environment Directory Waste Management Water Resources Wildlife
Environment Industries Database - Australia
Environment information sources (University of York Library) - UK
Environment in Latin America - Links and Resources (LANIC)
Environment and Natural Resources Links - New Zealand
Environment & Society Internet Resource Guide
Environment Web Links
European DataBank Sustainable Development
European Environment Agency - Theme Links
1st SPOT Environment - Organizations, Pollution, Recycling...
Future Australia environment and community education directory
Global Stewards - Sustainable Living and Environmental Activism
Green & Gold Links - Canada
Green NetWorld, for mindful living resources
Green Pages - The Global Directory for Environmental Technology
Guide to Environmental Literature (NHBS)
Hazardous Substance Release and Health Effects Database (ATSDR)
ICLEI's Worldwide Database, Local Governments for Sustainability
Information Center for the Environment (ICE) - USA
InterEnvironment - World Directory of Environmental Organizations
International Environmental Resources by Country
International environmental science - James & James
Internet Resources for Environmental Chemicals - Metadatabase
Leading Edge International Research Group - Links
Like-minded Networks - NCN Connections
Link Center - Eco IQ EcoGateway
Links for Mother Earth
Links to ISO 14000 Resources
Links to Other Organizations, Bank Information Center - USA
Love That Planet - ABC Australia
Making India Green - Resources for Earth-Friendly Living
Mega Resource Directories (ECO-PROS Ecology Protectors Society)
New Civilization Network
New Civilization Resources
Occupational-Environmental Health Directory and Resources
Online Environmental Organizations and Resources
Open Window to Africa (General Resources and Links)
PlanetFriendly Ecoportal - Canada
Portal to environmental, sustainability & community resources...
Seafriends links to other sites and search - New Zealand
Search the OUTDOORS Links
Share Guide - Environmental Sites
Sierra Club Stop Sprawl Links
Sustainable development, best starting points
Sustainable Development Directories SD Gateway
Sustainable Development, Environment and Ecology
Sustainable Development Links (Murdoch University) - Australia
Sustainable Niagara Resource & Glossary Portals
Sustainable Sources and Links. . Welcome
Sustainable Wales - Links and Resources
Sustainable Wellington Net Directory - New Zealand
The Ecology WWW Page
The Environment Links
The Green Directory - Australia
The Green Pages Environmental Information Portal - Canada
THE GREENTIE DIRECTORY Classification System
The Philippine ENR Directory
The World Wide Web Virtual Library Sustainable Development
Trade and Environment Database - USA
Urban Environmental Management - Virtual Library
WebActive Directory Topic and Alphabetical Index
World Environmental Web Sites
Worldwide Information System for Renewable Energy (WIRE) - Links
Yearbook of International Co-operation on Environment

Zenzibar Alternative Culture Directory

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14 - News, Information, Magazines, Media Environment - Top News
All The World's Newspapers, News Media, and News Sources
All The World's Newspapers
AlterNet - Independent News & Information
An Ecological Source of Information -
ASEAN Review of Biodiversity & Environmental Conservation ARBEC
BBC - Science & Nature
BBC News World Service
Britannica Online - Encyclopedia
Caring for the Next Generation (
Center for International Earth Science Info. Network (CIESIN)
CNN World News
Combustion in the RainForest: Ecology, Energy and Economy...
Communication Interventions for Sustainable Development
Conscious Choice, The Journal of Ecology & Natural Living
Directories of Environmental Science Journals
Earthbeat Radio National - Australia
Earth Island Institute Innovative Action for the Environment
EarthLight Magazine, Journal for Ecological and Spiritual Living
Eco-briefs Youth Report on Enviroment - Mexico
Ecological Indicators - New International Journal
Ecological Source of Information (
Ecology and Society  Journal
Eco Media - Australian Environmental News
Econews Africa - Information is Empowering
Ecotecture - The Online Journal of Ecological Design
EcoWorld - The Global Environmental Community
Eldis - Gateway to Development Information
Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS)
Encyclopedia of Sustainable Development
ENDS Environment Daily, Europe's environmental news service
Environmental Data Services specialising in environmental news
Environmental E Magazine, The environment news and info....
Environmental Expert - Environmental Business Information Center
Environmental Information Management Tool SPINE - Sweden
Environmental Media Services - facts and contacts for journalists
Environmental News From Around the World and Space
Environmental News and Humor Grist Magazine
Environmental News Network
Environmental Technology Exchange (APEC) - Japan
Environment Journals (Aspen Publishers)
Environment News Service
Ethical Investor Weekly industry newsletter - Australia
Genetic Engineering and Its Dangers
Global Reporting Initiative
Global Warming Articles
Green Cross International - Mikhail Garbachev President
Green Futures Magazine - UK
Greenleaf Publishing, resources on business and sustainable dev.
Home Energy Magazine Online
Home Power Magazine
Information for Action
Information Cooperative Partners (IESIN)
Institute for Global Communications
Internetwork for Sustainability (iNS)
Journal of Sustainable Product Design on Line
Latest Braking News from around the World
Linkages - A Multimedia Resource for Environment & Development
Living on Earth Sound Journalism for the Whole Planet
LOHAS Journal Online
Media for a Safe and Sustainable World - The Video Project
Multi-Science Publishing Company - UK
National Geographic Online
National Geographic EarthPulse - Conservation Home Page
Nautilus - Reports on environmental issues
News about Sustainable Healthy Living - Canada
New Society Publishers - New Titles
NextStep - Minnesota Sustainable Communities Network News Network
People & Planet - population and environment issues
Resurgence on-line, forum for ecological and spiritual thinking
Sustainable Development Information System - Canada
Sustainable Development Solutions - USA
The CEROI Gateway for Environmental Information
The Global Environment Information Centre
The info Xchange, Technology for Social Justice - Australia
The International Corporate Environmental Reporting
The International Photovoltaic Magazine (PHOTON)
The Spirit of Ma'at - Mother Earth and her Environment
TIME Online Edition
Towards Sustainability Info Centre
Urban Ecology Magazine
Worldwatch Institute
WWF International Newsroom

Your Planet Earth

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15 - Indigenous, Native, Aboriginal

Aboriginal Connections - Web Directory
Aboriginal Languages of Australia
Aboriginal Links International
Aboriginal Living Skills School - USA
Aboriginal Mapping Network & Ecotrust Canada
Alaska Native Knowledge Network
An Important Message from the Kogi Elders by Raymond Rugland
Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
Center for World Indigenous Studies
Centre for Indigenous Environmental Resources - Canada
Cultural Survival's Web Page
Dogon Theory of Creation
First Nations House University of Toronto
Hopi Blue Star Prophecies
Indigenous Environmental Network
Indigenous Knowledge for the Environment - Australia
Indigenous Languages Directory - Australia
Indigenous links Saami....
Indigenous native tribal people Legend Images - Australia
Indigenous Peoples' Center for Documentation, Research & Info.
Indigenous People's Council on Biocolonialism
Indigenous Peoples and the Law - New Zealand
Indigenous Peoples' Seattle Declaration
Indigenous Studies and Resources WWW Virtual Library
International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs
Kogi - Tairona Heritage Trust
Main Maori Site on the Net
Maori Sources and Resources - He Kete Matauranga
Maya STORIES - Legends with hidden politics
Music of Indigenous People
Native American Geometry
Native Americans and the Environment
Native Peoples Law Worldwide Legal Directories
NativeWeb - Resources for Indigenous Cultures around the World
New Zealand History - an attempt to answer some of the mysteries
Northern Indigenous views on Climate Change and Ecology
Pacific Islands and other Indigenous Peoples
Restoration -- Reaching the Hopi and America's Oldest
Sacred Earth Network
The Buryat Shamanism and other Mongolian/Siberian Traditions
The Hopi Tribe - USA
The Kogi Tribe, Indigenous People in Amazon
The Maya Astronomy
The Maya Calendar - Maya World Studies Center
The Navajo Nation - USA
The Pachamama Alliance
The Stolen Generations
Wolakota Foundation
World Conference Against Racism
Your source for Aboriginal news and information! AMMSA - Canada

16 - Foundations, Organisations, Societies, NGOs

African American Environmentalist Association (AAEA)
Aga Khan Foundation - Development Network
Alliance for Sustainability - USA
Air & Waste Management Association ( A&WMA ) - USA
Amnesty International - Working To Protect Human Rights
Anthroposophical Society
Australian Conservation Foundation
AWARE Foundation - Aquatic World Awareness
Banksia Environmental Foundation - Australia
Belize, Caribbean Audubon Society, tropical birds
Bioneers- Visionary and Practical Solutions for Restoring the Earth
Blue Planet Run Foundation
Care International
Center for Alternative Development Initiatives (CADI) - Philippines
Center for Environmental Concerns - Philippines
Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) - India
Choike: Southern Civil Societies (Southern NGO Portal) - USA
City & Shelter - Belgium
Coalition of Environmentally Responsible Economies (CERES)
Community Aid Abroad Programs Around the World
Conservation Technology Information Center (CTIC) - USA
Conservation Volunteers Australia
Cottonwood Foundation - Protecting the Environment
Cousteau Society
CSR Europe - promotes corporate and social responsibility
Cyprus Conservation Foundation
David Suzuki Foundation
Development Alternatives Group - India
Doctors Without Borders-Médecins Sans Frontières
Earth Charter Australia
Earth Charter USA Campaign
Earth Council - General Information
Earth Island Institute Innovative Action for the Environment
EarthRights International
Earth Summit Info
Earthwatch Institute
ECOLOGIA ECOlogists Linked for Organizing Grassroots Initiatives..
ECO-PROS - Ecology Protectors Society
Ecoterra International - survival & freedom for people & nature
EcoVitality - Integrating Conservation & Sus. Dev. in Poor Nations
Environic Foundation International
Environmental Database - India
Environmental Defense - Finding the ways that work
Environmental Defence Society - New Zealand
Environmental Development Action in the Third World (in French)
Environmental Research Foundation
Environment and Conservation Organisations of New Zealand
Environment Victoria - Australia
Environs Australia - Melbourne Victoria
Evergreen: Bringing communities and nature together - Canada
Foundation for Business and Society
Foundation for the Future
Foundation for Global Community
Friends of the Earth - Australia
Friends of the Earth International
From Globalization to Sustainability - Global Policy for Social Justice
Global Environment & Technology Foundation
Golden Age Foundation - India
Goongerah Environment Centre - Australia
Green Cross International - Mikhail Gorbachev President
Green Innovations - Australia
Green Ontario - Canada
Greenpeace International
Guide to NGOs in Pakistan
Handpumps and water well drilling training for safe drinking water
Idealist Home Organizations Search
Information Cooperative Partners (CIESIN)
International Alliance of Inhabitants
International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF)
International Fund for China's Environment
International Institute for Environment and Development
International Institute for Sustainable Development
International Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD)
International Marinelife Alliance
International Rivers Network
International Society for Ecology and Culture
International Society for Environmental Ethics
International Student Org. for Sustainable Economics and Manag.
International Vegetarian Union
ISO 14000, Environmental Management Systems and Sustainability
ISO World - English Version - Japan
Landcare Australia
Meru Foundation
National Environmental Trust - USA
Nature Conservation Council of NSW - Australia
Nelson Environment Centre - New Zealand
Nepal Forward Foundation
New Millennium Peace Foundation
NGO Steering Committee to the United Nations
Non-Profit Groups Links
Ocean Trust - Save the Oceans
OneWorld - Over 1250 organisations working for Social Justice
Our World Foundation - UK
Oxfam Community Aid Abroad
Panos Institute - London
Quaker Earthcare Witness
Programa Ambiental A Última Arca de Noé - Brasil
Regional Institute of Environmental Technology (RIET)
Resource Renewal Institute (RRI)
Resources for the Future - USA Global Environmental Resources - USA
Rocky Mountain Institute - USA
Save Our Planet Foundation "1 billion trees" - Singapore
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Sierra Club - Environmental Organization
Sustainable Development Network Foundation - Philippines
Sustainable Development Online - Europe
Sustainable Ecosystems Institute - USA
Sustainable Living Foundation - Australia
Sustainable Long Island - USA
Sustainable Niagara - Canada
Sustainable Wellington Net - New Zealand
The Earth Charter Initiative
The Earth Network for Sustainable Development
The EarthSeeds Project
The Foundation for the Economics of Sustainability - Ireland
The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation
The Galapagos Coalition
The Green Institute - USA
The HOPE Foundation - Ireland
The International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development
The International Solar Energy Society
The Lightstone Foundation and Community Development - USA
The Millennium Foundation of Canada
The Nobel Foundation - Sweden
The Tiger Foundation
The UK Centre for Economic and Environmental Development
The Wilderness Society - Australia
The Wilderness Society - International
The Wildlife Society - Stewardship Through Science & Education
The World Conservation Union (IUCN)
Tides Foundation Website
United Planetary Federation (UPF)
United Nations Association of Australia
Vasundhara Concern for Environmental Rights - India
Whole Systems Foundation
Wild Bird Society of Japan
WITNESS Human Rights Alert
World Conservation Union
World Environmental Organization - World.Org
World Environment Center
World Future Society
World Resources Institute
World Wildlife Fund for a living planet
WWF - Australia
WWF - Global Network
Yasuda Kasai Environment Foundation - Japan

17 - Government, Public Institutions, UN Agencies

Agenda 21 > Country Profile - Bangladesh
Agenda 21 > Country Profile - Indonesia
Agenda 21 > Country Profile - Viet Nam
ASEAN-EC Management Centre
Asia Alternative Energy Program (ASTAE)
Asian Development Bank
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Australian Greenhouse Office (AGO)
Australia Vietnam Science - Technology Link
Best Practices for Human Settlements Database (UNCHS Habitat)
Center for Environmentally Sound Technology Transfer - China
Community Research & Development Information Service - Europe
Competitive Sustainable Growth (CORDIS) - Europe
Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR)
Cuba's sustainability organisations
Directory of Development Organizations
EcoLinks Environmentally Sustainable Economies - Eastern Europe
Ecologically Sustainable Development - Australia
Environmental Agencies-Organizations (CGRER) NetSurfing
Environmental Management Ontario - Canada
Environmental Protection Agency - Ireland
Environmental Protection (DEFRA) - UK
Environment Agency of England and Wales
Environment Agency - Japan
Environment Directorates-General & specialised services - Europe
Environment Germany Umwelt Deutschland
Environment Portal - Australian Government Services
Environment Protection Authority - Australia
Environment Protection Authority, Victoria, Australia
EUROPA - Environment - Air Pollution - Useful links
EUROPA - Gateway to the European Union
European Centre for Nature Conservation (ECNC)
European Cities and Towns Towards Sustainability (EEA Chapter)
European Community Biodiversity Clearing House Mechanism
European DataBank Sustainable Development
European Environment Agency (EEA)
European Partners for the Environment
FAO SD Dimensions - Sustainable Development
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Geneva Environment Network - International Environment House
Global Environment Centre Foundation - Japan
Global Environment Facility
Global Environmental Technology (NEDO) - Japan
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC - UNESCO)
Intergovernmental Organizations
Island Development and Networks (Insula)
ISO International Organization for Standardization
International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
Local Governments for Sustainability (ICLEI) - USA
Ministry for the Environment - New Zealand
Ministry of the Environment Catalonia - Spain
Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government of India
Ministry of Environment - Japan
Ministry of Environment - Singapore
National Business Initiative - South Africa
National Council for Science and the Environment - USA
National Councils for Sustainable Development
NextStep, Minnesota Sustainable Communities Network - USA
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
Pakistan Development Gateway and Sust. Development Networking
Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency
Environment Canada Environmental Protection - Canada
Public-Private Partnerships for the Urban Environment (UNDP/PPPUE)
San Francisco the Sustainable City
Seacare Seaferers Safety - Australia
State Environment Protection Administration of China
Sustainable Development and Eurointegration (ASDE)
Sustainable Development Networking Programme - Pakistan
Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria - Australia
Sustainable Human Development (UNDP)
Sustainable Melbourne - Australia
Sustainable Regions TASK Programme Sustainable Develop. in Wales
The Central European Environmental Data Request Facility (CEDAR)
The European Federation of Green Parties
The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI)
The Montréal Process, Sustainable Management of... Forests
The Ozone Secretariat, UNEP - Nairobi, Kenya
The European Sustainable Cities & Towns Campaign
The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency
The UNCHS Best Practices and Local Leadership Programme
The World Bank Group
The World Conservation Union (IUCN)
UN-Habitat - United Nations Human Settlements Programme
UN Environment Program - Asia and Pacific
UN Environment Program GEO-2000
UNEP-GRID-Arendal - UN Environment Programme
UNESCO - Home Page
UN-HABITAT - The Sustainable Cities Programme (SCP)
United Nations Development Programme (SDNP)
United Nations Division for Sustainable Development
United Nations Environment Network
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Universal Declaration of Human Rights
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
WHO - Regional Office for Europe
World Directory of Environmental Organizations Online
World Food Programme - UN

Yearbook of International Co-operation on Environment and Dev.

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18 - Justice, Environmental Law, Treaties

Asia-Pacific Centre for Environmental Law (APCEL)
Australian Centre for Environmental Law - University of Sydney
Center For International Environmental Law (CIEL)
Earth Charter Declaration of Fundamental Principles - Australia
Earthjustice: Because the Earth Needs A Good Lawyer
Environmental Law Adelaide University - Australia
Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide - E-LAW
Environmental Law Bora Laskin Law Library - Links - Canada
Environmental Law Centre - Library - Canada
Environmental Law Centre - UK
Environmental Law Information (ECOLEX)
Environmental law Law Library UU Bookmarks - Netherlands
Environmental Law Programme (UNEP) - Links
Environmental Law (SOSIG) - UK
Environmental Law Web Links
Environmental Law - World Resources
Environmental Lawyers - USA
Environmental Treaties & Documents
Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators (ENTRI) - USA
European Environmental Law
FindLaw Legal Subjects Environmental Law
International Environmental Law and Multilateral Conventions
International Environmental Law Resource - USA
International Environmental Law Treaties and Documents
International Law Links
International Law Treaties - Austria
International and Transnational Law - Globelaw
National EDO Network (Environmental Defenders Offices) - Australia
Pace Environmental Law Program - USA
The Center for International Environmental Law
The Environmental Defender's Offices of Australia
The Environmental Law Institute (ELI) - USA
Treaties and International Law - Internet Law Library

World Environmental Law

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19 - Earth Changes, Greenhouse Emissions, Reporting

Accounting for the Environment Related Sources
Acoustic Ecology - EarthEar
An Inconvenient Truth (Al Gore)
Carbon Calculator from National Energy Foundation - UK
Carbon Credits and Farm Forestry - Australia
Carbon Dioxide Calculator - Japan
Carbon emissions trading > Useful sites - Australia
Climate Action Network (CAN)
Climate Ark - Climate Change & Renewable Energy Portal
Climate Change IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Climate Change - The Pembina Institute
Climate Change Saskatchewan - Canada
Complying with the Kyoto Protocol Requirements Eastern Europe
CorpWatch.Org Holding Corporations Accountable
CO2 Reduction Calculator - International
CSIRO Marine & Atmospheric Research - Australia
Earth Science Resources Astronomy, Global Change
Encyclopedia of the Atmospheric Environment
E3 INTERNATIONAL, Reporting and Accounting- Australia
Fraunhofer Society, Institut Chemical Technology - Germany
GEO Data Portal - The Online Environmental Database (UNEP) Portal to exploring Earth & its environment
Global Change - BUBL LINK 551.6
Global Change Master Directory (NASA)
Global Climate Change Research Explorer
Global Hydrology and Climate Center
Global Warming: Early Warning Signs
Greenhouse Emissions GHG Protocol Initiative
Green Facts - Scientific Facts on Climate Change & Global Warming
Heat Island Effect > Learning About Urban Heat Islands
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (WMO & UNEP)
International Carbon Bank & Exchange
KYOTO PROTOCOL - Convention on Climate Change
Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions Voluntary Reporting
Natural Hazards Databases at (NGDC)
Opportunities and Liabilities from Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Pew Center on Global Climate Change
Publikit - Environmental Internet Reports
Science for Global Insight IIASA - Austria
Success Stories, Tools and Resour. on Reducing Greenhouse Emiss.
The Australian Greenhouse Office
The Canadian Arctic Resources Committee
The Sustainability Report - Canada
The International Corporate Environmental Reporting Site
Weather Centre - Climate Change - Greenhouse Effect BBC
What is Emissions Trading Anyway? - Australia
Zero Emission Resource Organisation (ZERO) - Norway

20 - Recycling, Waste, Toxic Materials, Pollution

Air Quality Archive- UK
Australian Greenhouse Emissions Information System
Australia's leading source on water conservation
Basel Convention on Hazardous Waste
Bureau of International Recycling
California Center for Land Recycling
Centrifuge Case Studies Recycling Waste Water - USA
Centre for Ecology & Hydrology - UK
Cumbria Waste Management Environment Trust - UK
DeponieOnline LandfillOnline - Germany
Dioxin Homepage
Eco-Industrial Park Case Studies - USA / Canada
EcoRecycle Victoria - Australia
Europe's Recycling Marketplace
Global Anti-Incinerator Alliance (GAIA)
Global Environment Outlook United Nations Environment Prog.
Guide to environmental waste recycling (Noah's Ark) - Australia
Guide to water pollution - UK
Industrial Pollution Modeling & Data (NIPR IPPS) - World Bank
Linking Sustainable Community Activities to Pollution Prevention
Zero Waste New Zealand Trust - Recycling, minimise waste...
Nuclear Waste Task Force - Sierra Club
Pollution Probe - Clean Air Clean Water - Canada
Recycler's World - Associations Directory
Recycler's World - Worldwide Trading
Recycling Council of Ontario - Canada
Recycling Links (
Scorecard - Environmental Defense - USA
SEI-Y Atmospheric Pollution Strategies - Europe
Solvent Alternative Guide (SAGE) - USA
Stack Testing, Source Emissions Testing, Air Quality Monitoring USA
Suggested Recycling Links
Sustainable Urban Water Management
The Global Environment Information Centre - Japan
The Search for Safer and Greener Chemical Solvents
Toxics Use Reduction Institute - USA
Wales Community Recycling Network
Waste Exchange Register (Noah's Ark) - Australia
Waste Management & Recycling Industry Information Center
Waste Not Want Not - The Benefits of Water Recycling - Sweden
Waste Plan Niagara-Hamilton - Canada
Waste Watch on the world wide web
Waste water recycling - India

Water Recycling cleaning water the way nature does - USA

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