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February 2013

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Kettle's Yard, Cambridge

Kettle's Yard

What is Space Makers?

The Space Makers Project follows the building process of the new Education Wing at Kettle's Yard, Cambridge. Over a two year period, Kettle's Yard are working with one primary school, St Mary's St Neots, one secondary school group, Comberton Village College, two artists - Raksha Patel and Jo Chapman -, Shape East and project evaluators Flow Associates. The project will see the artists work to creatively develop the knowledge and skills of the young people in the fields of architecture and the built environment. Different built environment professionals will be involved in every other session, to support the artists and provide their professional expertise. Guests will be provided by Shape East.

This is a really exciting project to be involved with and we are astounded by the progress that these young people have made in the last year.

Kettles Yard Kettles Yard

Session with St Mary's Primary School, St Neots: February 2013

Architect Simon Carne worked with artist Jo Chapman in a session with St Mary's Primary School, exploring architectural drawings and design. The worked with plans, elevations, sections and embellishment to tour Kettle's Yard from an architectural perspective.

Simon Carne said of the day, "Pitching the right level to work with a group of 25 primary school students was a challenge. I need not have worried. The children were great and enthusiastic. They picked up on the idea of using drawing to describe their environment whether at school or their idea for a den.

They worked, very quickly, drawing spaces internally in Kettles Yard and outside looking across at the terrace on Northampton Street from the grassy knoll looking the South.

Working with Jo, the artist, their class teacher Janet and her assistants made it fun and I think an enjoyable day out for the children."

Kettles Yard Kettles YardKettles Yard Kettles Yard

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