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January 2012

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Kettle's Yard, Cambridge

Kettle's Yard

What is Space Makers?

The Space Makers Project follows the building process of the new Education Wing at Kettle's Yard, Cambridge. Over a two year period, Kettle's Yard are working with one primary school, St Mary's St Neots, one secondary school group, Comberton Village College, two KettlesYardartists - Raksha Patel and Jo Chapman -, Shape East and project evaluators Flow Associates. The project will see the artists work to creatively develop the knowledge and skills of the young people in the fields of architecture and the built environment. Different built environment professionals will be involved in every other session, to support the artists and provide their professional expertise. Guests will be provided by Shape East.

This is a really exciting project to be involved with, in particular as it will also provide an in depth and creative consultation with these young people, to equip them with the means by which they can explore, but also give their own input into the design, development and use of these new education spaces, planned for completion in 2013.

Session with St Mary's Primary School, St Neots: January 2012

KettlesYardStructural Engineer, Simon Smith assisted artist Jo Chapman in a session with St Mary's Primary School, exploring construction and building materials through an amazingly full day of local tours, talks, making and breaking activities, bridge and wall building and plenty of snacks in between! Simon introduced four different construction materials - brick, concrete, steel and timber - which the children then replaced with a range of materials including spaghetti, clay, straw, balsa, sticky, tape and glue to construct their own structures. A brilliant, messy and engagind day for all, as you can see from the photos below!

Session with Comberton Village College: January 2012

In this session, urban designer Richard Eastham assisted artist Raksha Patel in a session to investigate the way that buildings are constructed and the qualities of building materials such as wood, clay and plaster. This was explored from an architectural point of view, followed by an insight into how artists have been influenced by architecture in their work such as the Russian Constructivists and contemporary artists such Phyllida Barlow.

Richard Eastham began the day with a great presentation on masterplanning, maps and design, exploring both how to look at and how to draw these plans yourself. The students then looked at different perspectives on using familiar materials and were able to touch materials such as wood, brick, stone, plaster, steel and glass exploring weight, texture and purpose in relation to architecture and sculpture. The young people then delved deeper into the world of sculpture and
foundations, such as a base or an armature, looking at differences between scupture and soil / clay building foundations. Everyone was extremely impressed by the work carried out in this session and how the students were grappling with abstract form, unfinished structures and the relationship between art and architecture.

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