Green Screens

March / April 2012

Swavesey Village College, Cambridge

Green Screens was a project led by StartArts in partnership with Shape East and South Cambridgeshire District Council to develop the understanding of local communities and pupils in sustainable and environmental building design.

Through a series of after school workshops led by architect Sarah Morrison, pupils at Swavesey Village College learned to use CAD (Computer aided Design) programmes to create their own home and learn about new build and retrofitting, as well as energy efficiency and environmental considerations. An extra day was added due to demand, in which Shape East organised a family workshop for children and their parents to get involved in the Green Screens project during the Easter holidays. The workshop was led by enabler Sam Goodall who worked with families looking at sustainability and imaginative design using a short brief and a limited amount of recycled materials.

"The workshops have inspired all involved and everyone learnt something new whilst having fun." Starts Arts coordinator

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