Thursday 29th March 2012
5pm - 7.15pm
Pavilion Room, Hughes Hall College,

Cambridge, CB1 2EW

The ‘Designing Places for Real People’ event was in Hughes Hall, Cambridge, attended by an engaged and diverse range of community members, teachers, planning officers, councillors and built environment professionals.

Led by Heather Hilburn, Shape East, the evening provided three outstanding and very passionate presentations from speakers Richard Eastham, Phil Jones and David Kirkland.

Richard Eastham, started the evening with an amazing introduction to Masterplanning for local communities. His presentation led us with outstandingly swift clarity through a huge amount of information and case studies demonstrating what communities need to know and look out for at every stage of the design and planning process.

Phil Jones, self proclaimed streets enthusiast, then opened our eyes to the range of complexities involved in making friendlier and better quality streets and shared spaces. He explained in very community-friendly terms the design issues and recommendations of Manual for Streets 1 and 2. Perhaps the most provocative issue for final questions was the discussion of street clutter, decluttering and unecessary signage!

David Kirkland, closed the evening with an impassioned look at what sustainability means for smaller communities, including the need to get away from this increasingly unprovoking term itself! He gave us a wiser focus on the need to combine economic, social and ecological factors within our living spaces, something which nature seems to excel at. Hecompleted the talk with a full-proof introduction to biomimicry, community innovation and collaborative consumption, giving everyone much food for thought, discussion and local action.

Shape East used a local filmmaker, Steven Wallis, to video all three presentations, so that we can make these insightful talks available to many more people in the near future. This will be available here once the film is completed.

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