Sydney_SculptureSculpture by the Sea

November 2011
Tamarama to Bondi Beach,

Sydney, Australia

Hollie McNish, Shape East resident artist, toured Sydney, Australia in October 2011. As part of this, she attended the opening ceremony and tour of the Sculpture by the Sea public art exhibition. This is a major free public art event which has taken place each year in Sydney since 1997. It comprimises an open gallery of over 100 sculptures erected along the beautiful 2km stretch of rocky coastal path between Tamarama Beach and the famous Bondi Beach. Started on a shoestring budget by founding Director David Handley and a team of dedicated volunteers, it is now one of the world's major community public art events, showcasing international sculptures to the general public in November of each year. For a viewing slightly closer to home, Sculpture by the Sea is now also running in Aarhus, Denmark.

Please see below a gallery of some of our favourite sculptures from the opening tour.

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