Delivery Through the Downturn

Tuesday 24th November 2009
12 - 4.30pm, South East Essex College

Tuesday 17th November 2009
12 - 4.30pm, The Maltings, Ely

"Each talk was fascinating in its own right - thank you!"

Delivery Through the Downturn was the third in our series of 6 seminars open to Local Authority Officers and Councillors in the Eastern region. The programme has been funded by Improvement East, and the days were run in both South East Essex and Ely.

The highly topical subject of this event proved extremely popular and thought-provoking, and the networking lunch, opening both events, was once again well used by representatives from over 20 different local authorities in the region.

The seminar then began with a highly useful presentation from guest speaker Ben van Bruggen, which focused on the issue of design quality within the current economic climate. Alistair Gould of the Carbon Free Group then moved onto the question of sustainability within this same climate.

Following refreshments the two final speakers, Stephen Hill of C2O Futureplanners and Terry Fuller of Homes and Communities Agency then discussed alternative methods of finance and new tenure models respectively, with both presentations followed by a lively question and answer session.

Feedback :

"I have more enthusiasm in my work as a result of this event"

"Each talk was fascinating in its own right - thank you!"

"This event was uniformly excellent and very helpful"

Further Resources:

To view the day's agenda, please click here

Speakers Presentations:

The following speakers presentations are now available for download. To do so, please click on the named links:

Ben van Bruggen, Director, Urban Design, Savills and Inspire East enabler, Delivery in the Downturn: Return to Reality?
Alistair Gould, Carbon Free Group, Sustainability: The Challenges in the Credit Crunch.
Stephen Hill, C2O Futureplanners, New Tenure Models for a New Market.
Terry Fuller, Homes and Communities Agency, Re-Imagine the Way we Deliver.