Delivering a Vision:
Masterplanning: The Key Issue

Tuesday 22nd September, 2009
12 - 4.30pm, The Basildon Centre, Basildon

Wednesday 30th September, 2009
12.30 - 5pm, The Maltings, Ely

"After this event, I will be looking more closely at sustainable development and issues of food security"

'Masterplanning: The Key Issues' was the first in our series of 6 seminars open to all Local Authority officers and Councillors in the Eastern region. The programme has been funded by Improvement East and is running in both Basildon and Ely.

The first of these seminars began with a well-used networking lunch, which saw delegates from over 25 local authorities in the Eastern region come together to discuss key concerns and issues from their areas. Delegates included a variety of Design and Heritage Champions, planning, regeneration and conservation officers and elected Members.

Hosted by Shape East, the day brought together a wide variety of interesting and pressing topics, including:

How to spot strategic sites, ATLAS, Home and Communities Agency
Eco-Towns: How to make large developments sustainable, Will Cousins, David Lock Associates
Flood Risk, Terry Spenser, Mott MacDonald
European perspectives and how to learn from European examples, David Birbeck, Design for Homes (Basildon) and Nicholas Falk, Urbed (Ely)
Each presentation was followed by a question and answer session where delegates appeared particularly enthused to learn from both the UK and European Eco-development examples and to discuss how the UK may indeed keep up with and learn from Europe.

Feedback :

“The examples of Masterplanning from Europe were extremely interesting, engaging and offered solutions for sustainable development - very good”

“I found the information on the risk of flooding and the effect that Climate Change will have extremely helpful”

“It was great to meet others with varied views and to learn more about sustainable development and the detailing of Eco-towns”

"As a result of this event I will try and catch up with Europe!"

"After this event, I will be looking more closely at sustainable development and issues of food security"


Further Resources:

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Speakers Presentations:

Speakers presentations are now available for download, by clicking on the desired name.

Robert Smith and Bob Ham, ATLAS, Homes and Communities Agency.
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Nicholas Falk , URBED, European Masterplanning