Councillors' Introduction to Urban Design

Friday 16th October, 2009
12.30 - 4pm, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge

"I very much appreciate the effort in putting on these events -what would we do without Shape East"

Designed specifically for Councillor’s involved in the delivery of places and the improvement of design quality, this ‘Introduction to Urban Design’ was the second in our series of four seminars for Councillor’s in the region. The half-day seminar, funded by Improvement East was held at Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge and began with a sit down meal and opportunity for networking and a catch up.

With the team from Metropolitan Workshops, an internationally known practice of architects, urban designers and master planners with anextensive and varied portfolio, delegates were led through a though provoking presentation on the history, importance, key principles and components of urban design such as communities, place, natural resources, connections, feasibility and vision. Delegates were particularly interested in issues surrounding shared spaces and how different places are seen from different aspects.

Later in the afternoon Councillors worked in groups to come up with design solutions to the busy traffic junction on Huntingdon Road. Interesting discussions were had on how the traffic and road structure of this busy junction affect cyclists, pedestrians and road users in different ways and what could be done to make improvements to the design of the area to benefit all. Councillors used a wide range of maps and images to re-design the area on paper – with some seeing the busy junction becoming a ‘gateway in to the city’ whilst others visioning a ‘City boulevard ‘ and one group a ‘new green roundabout’

Feedback :

“This is my first Shape East event and it was very interesting and I learnt a lot- I will sign up for the rest of the seminar series”

“I now understand why some design decisions have been made in my area and am now very positive about shared spaces and how they can work for the benefit of all”

“I have a better understanding now of how places are seen from different aspects"

"I very much appreciate the effort in putting on these events -what would we do without Shape East"

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