Councillor's Consultation:
Improving Quality of Place

Tuesday 8th September, 2009
12.30 - 4pm, King's College, Cambridge

“I found the 'honesty' of the presentations extremely helpful”

'Improving Quality of Place' was the first in our series of 4 seminars open and free to Members in the Eastern region. The programme is being held in the university colleges in central Cambridge.

Beginning with a networking lunch the day provided an opportunity for Members with an interest in design to influence CABE's advice for Councillors on 'Improving Quality of Place'. This new document will help deliver the government's recently launched 'World Class Places' strategy. The views of Members have been collated and will help shape new Councillor's resources before publication.

Presentations on the day were opened by guest speaker Dominic Williams, in an exploration of how to make developments work in the recession, specifically targetting issues of development economics and the s106 agreements.

An introduction to new CABE resources was then followed by the afternoon's workshops, discussion groups and feedback sessions. A local case study of the Creative Exchange Building in St Neots was finally presented by Peter Beard, to close the day with a practical and exemplary insight into the architectural and planning processes


Feedback :

“I found the 'honesty' of the presentations extremely helpful”

“The case study was very interesting and reassurance that such a building can be achieved is wonderful”

“I'm reinvigorated after this event!”

“The debating and discussion post talk was very useful - thank you”

Further Resources:

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