'The Home Run' for the Great Eastern Run

Peterborough, 2008

‘I loved the way the community and school had put so much effort and enthusiasm into it. And above all the sculpture looked absolutely AMAZING. Everyone in the office is really sad it’s had to come down after only a day.’
Tristan Rees Roberts, Freeland Rees Roberts Architects

Home Run

Shape East helped Peterborough City Council and the residents of Greater Dogsthorpe to create a ‘temporary landmark building’ for the day to greet and cheer the runners in the Great Eastern Run on their way.

Fulbridge Primary School children, their carers and neighbours helped to design a ‘landmark for the day’. With help from Peterborough Museum, and the Greater Dogsthorpe Partnership, young people, elders and the wider community of Dogsthorpe helped to instruct Shape’s ‘design team’ as to the characteristics of a ‘landmark’ which reflects favourite buildings and places from Peterborough itself and all the different places that the communities of Dogsthorpe hold dear.

The 'building' acted as a 'way marker' for runners, and was by design and necessity a hybrid of architectural styles. Its a way of celebrating Peterborough's growing diversity in a positive and visual way.

You can download a copy of the artist's statement here.

In partnership with Peterborough City Council and Greater Dogsthorpe Partnership.

Home RunHome RunHome RunHome Run