Delivering High Quality Public Art in Cambridgeshire

23rd March 2007

Public Art
Photo Credit: Vong Phaophanit

All the Planning Authorities in the County participated in planning the seminar through being required to arrive at and share a list of the three most pressing issues affecting them in relationship to Public Art. From a prioritized summary of these lists the Agenda for the day was arrived at. The lists were collated and prioritized under three headlines:-

  • How do we define Public Art?
  • How do we secure quality (in process and outcome)
  • Funding technicalities/What does S106 pay for?

A number of options for ways forward became clear as the debate continued:-


Local Authorities across the Country, as well as the County are dealing with these issues. A ‘Cambridgeshire’ position should be taken based on proven practise and policy.

A common County- wide Policy position with regard to the negotiation of Public Art Planning Obligations would assist Developers, Officers and Members in terms of improved competence, confidence, and consistency.


There is an evident need for ‘training’ through CPD seminars, conferences and workshops that supports joint development of policy and practice between Developers, Members and Officers to

[a] make the process less adversarial and thereby quicker and easier.

[b] result in a common development and application of policy across the County.

[c] ‘raise the bar’ on the level of competence and awareness of examples of good practice County wide.

Ways Forward:-The 5 Planning Authorities could jointly commission consultancy work on selected ways forward or could agree to jointly employ a County- wide Public Art Officer.