Papworth Everard Community Consultation

May 2007


The Papworth Everard community consultation process was carried out in response to a request from the Papworth Everard Parish Council and the Varrier Jones Foundation. They asked Fifth Studio Architects to produce a Masterplan based on the views of the diverse groups in the Village community. Fifth Studio in partnership with Shape-East proposed a community consultation process that would be inclusive and participatory in its methods.

The community consultation went beyond ‘traditional’ public meetings as Shape-East and Fifth Studio contacted key stakeholders and arranged workshop style meetings with groups in places convenient to them. In total Shape-East met with 70 people in the following five groups:

Group 1: Day Centre 60 – 100 year olds
Group 2: Residents with disabilities living around Vinter and Turnill Rooms
Group 3: Pendragon Preschool Parents and Children
Group 4: Pendragon Primary School
Group 5: Young People (from Blasters Football Club and Swavesey School)

In addition120 people came to the three-day Open Consultation held by Fifth Studio for all residents in Papworth Everard to attend.

The workshop consultation sessions were based on group work and interactive participatory activities such as ranking and use of models and maps to find out from residents:

  1. What are the characteristics of Papworth Everad past, present and future?
  2. What facilities exist now and what do you think the village needs in the future?
  3. Where should old/new buildings and facilities be located in Papworth West Central Area?

The information gathered from the community consultation process has been captured in a report (please contact Shape-East if you would like to read it). The report will be used by Fifth Studio to design a Masterplan for Papworth Everard including a specific plan for Papworth West Central Area. This Masterplan will be submitted to South Cambridgeshire District Council and used to produce Supplementary Planning Guidance. The Supplementary Planning Guidance will influence all future developments in Papworth Everard.