High Density: High Quality?: Design & Historic Environment Champions Network for Local Authority Officers and Members

January 18th 2005
Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge


Yasmin Sharif, EEDA Non-executive Board Member.
EEDA's role in delivering high quality development

Carlton Roberts-James, Head of Skills, CABE.
The national context for design champions

Greg Luton, East of England Regional Director, English Heritage.
The role of Historic Environment Champions in the East of England

Barry Shaw, MBE, Chief Executive, Kent Architecture Centre.
The Design Champions Network in the South East

Peter Studdert, Director of Sustainable Communities, Cambridgeshire Horizons.
Cambridge City Council and quality in the built environment

Roger Estop, Urban Designer, Chelmsford Borough Council.
High quality housing design in high density development

Gwyn Jones, Regional Design Action Manager, EEDA/CABE,
Ben Koralek, Director Shape East, Cambridge,
Initial Ideas for a programme of activity for the DHEC Network in the East of England