The Shape East House Exhibition

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recent eventsRecently seen at the Grafton Centre, Cambridge, the ShapeHOUSE is a special exhibition project touring Cambridge and the surrounding region.

Designed for a general public and family audience, the ShapeHOUSE exhibition looks like a cross between a theatre set, a children’s playhouse and a Chinese puzzle ! On its recent eventswalls, doors and windows are cartoon-like graphics and simple questions designed to prompt local people of all ages to explore and articulate their needs, ideas and hopes for a better way of living.

Visitors to the ShapeHOUSE are invited and encouraged to discuss ways of planning new (and adapting our existing) homes, streets, neighbourhoods and towns for the benefit of our communities and in response to the needs of the environment.

To improve the built environment, the ShapeHOUSE gives YOU the chance to put forward your ideas on how best to include renewable energy, ‘grey-water’ systems, recycling and green space in the new settlements in the Cambridge and the surrounding region.