Name: Secret Hills

Facts and Figures

Architect: Purcell Miller Tritton
Client: Shropshire County Council

Further Information

The original client brief requested a building to tell the story of the Shropshire hills through an interactive exhibition facility along with education, café, shop, craft display and workshop facilities. The proposed building was intended to be a ‘modern landmark’ attractive to the public without being visibly aggressive. What was previously open meadow land is now home to a building which employs curved grass roofs and landscaped mounding to reduce its apparent scale and its visibility from all directions. The building exists as a pair of curved glass roofs, divided by a patent glazed circulation spine with a sloping copper upstand. The grass roofs being used both to soften the building’s potential impact upon the landscape while also attracting visitors through their relative novelty. The building is now open to the public seven day a week and is located close to Stokesay Castle.


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secret hills