Name: Quayside

Facts and Figures

Architect: Nicholas Ray Associates
Client: Quayside ltd (Magdalene College and Trafford Park Estates)
Location: Quayside, Cambridge
Date: 1989-90

Further Information

This may be just a block of shops and offices, but on a very special site. It is near the original Roman crossing of the river cam, and used to be the place where barges brought goods to Cambridge from the North Sea. By the 1980s the warehouses were no longer in use, and Magdalene College developed the site in partnership with a company from Manchester.

The courtyard that the buildings create, facing the river, is much more important than the buildings themselves it is the only public space in the city that is right by the river; punts can be hired and the restaurants have tables out in the summer. A cantilevered walkway connects the courtyard to midsummer common further down the river.

The offices are let out to different companies, who share two common top-lit staircases built around glass-enclosed lifts.


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