Name: Norwich Forum

Facts and Figures

Architect: Ramboll Whitbybird
Location: Market Square, Norwich
Client: The Forum Trust Limited
Date: 2001
Value: £26m
Construction: concrete frame, deep basement, load bearing brickwork, steel frame, structural glass
Services provided: structural engineering

Further Information

The Forum library and cultural complex includes two basement levels, ground floor and three storeys of internal galleries constructed using exposed concrete flat slabs. The building enclosure encompasses an enveloping brick 'U' topped with an arched roof atrium spanning 35m and faced by an outward-curving, full height glass entrance façade.
The load bearing masonry façade is notable for having no movement joints. The concrete superstructure and brick wall are locked together to ensure movements occur simultaneously.
3D design analysis and CAD software were used for modelling roof steelwork for fabrication and for tensioning sequences for the main roof arches.


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Norwich Forum  
Norwich Forum  
Norwich Forum  
Norwich Forum