Name: King's College Garden Hostel

Facts and Figures

Architect: Nicholas Ray Associates
Client: King’s College
Location: King’s College Fellows’ Garden, West Road, Cambridge
Date: 2001-2

Further Information

In the 1950’s King’s College built a rather dull brick building called the garden hostel along the western edge of their fellows’ garden. This northward extension is the first phase of a two phase project which will eventually involve building on the roof of the existing hostel. The new rooms have balconies overlooking the garden on one side, and with distant views to west Cambridge on the other. Rooms on the garden side are clad in timber, bulging out from the line of the existing brick hostel, while rooms on the western side have cantilevered metal balconies.

When the foundations for the extension were dug, twenty one skeletons were discovered – the site, a 19th century garden, used to be a Roman graveyard dating from between the 2nd and 4th centuries. Wherever you build in Britain, you are disturbing somewhere that others have been before.


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King's College Hostel