Name: Ely Cathedral

Facts and Figures

Architect: Purcell Miller Tritton

Further Information

A new patterned Purbeck marble floor and underfloor heating have been installed in the Lady Chapel. Purbeck marble is not a true marble (a metamorphic rock) but a polishable limestone from the isle of Purbeck in Dorset, which is not a real island but a peninsular, whose historic 'capital' is Corfe Castle and whose historic port was Swanage. The Purbeck stones are closely related to the more famous Portland stones. The beds of Purbeck stone are quite shallow and it proved ideal for thin ledger slabs and paving. In the 13th century, Purbeck was ordered for paving the new Lady Chapel. despite 19th and 20th century re-orderings and re-flooring a number of these medieval pavings, about one foot square, survived around the edge of the chapel. The beauty of the Portland stone comes from the compressed fossils and the variety of colours: grey/blue/green to reds.


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Ely Cathedral