Name: Elsworth-Airey Homes (re-development)

Facts and Figures

Architect: MEPK Architects
Client/Developer: Circle Anglia Housing Group
Location: 2- 8 Paddock Row, 9-11 Boxworth Road
Contractor: Higgins Construction
Date of completion: 2/4/2007

Further Information

The Airey Homes Redevelopment at Elsworth forms one of four sensitive village infill schemes that seek to replace South Cambridgeshire District Council’s existing stock of 1950’s ‘pre-fab’ Airey houses. This development replaces 6 semi detached ‘defective’ Airey Houses with 12 new dwellings, as a series of short terraces thus making better use of a valuable brownfield site.

The project provides a mix of tenures including new social rented ‘affordable’ dwellings for persons on South Cambridgeshire District Council’s Housing waiting list. The mix and capacity of the new dwellings has been determined in collaboration with SCDC Housing Department to reflect housing need in the village.

The design seeks to create a distinctive character for the dwellings based on a contemporary interpretation of the vernacular styles present within the village centre as an appropriate architectural language.

Socially the new dwellings allow an influx of people into the village whilst re housing the existing council tenants in new modern and efficient accommodation. The paved mews courtyard is a pedestrian link between existing functions in the village and fuses the new development into the village framework thus integrating new with existing residents.

Economically the project is truly mixed tenure providing housing for outright sale and both affordable housing for rent and shared ownership for key worker and intermediate rent. The income generated from sales and shared ownership housing provides cross subsidy for the construction of the housing for rent.

Environmentally the development incorporates the following positive sustainability features and measures to reduce environmental impact.

-The project rejuvenates and makes best use of an existing vacant brownfield land.
-Cycle parking facilities are incorporated for all units to encourage the occupiers to travel by transport modes other than the private car.
-Dedicated waste and recycling enclosures are provided to encourage recycling both internally and externally.
-The compact building form minimises the extent of external envelope and heat loss.
-Dwellings feature passive stack ventilation systems that terminate via roof top ventilation cowls that act as contemporary “Chimney Stacks”.
-New dwellings replace existing poorly insulated ones.
-Construction is highly insulated timber frame to reduce building fabric heat loss.
-Windows, doors and timber frame are of sustainable softwood.
-External facing materials are locally sourced to reduce transportation costs as well as addressing a local palette of materials.
-An ‘ecohomes’ rating level of ‘very good’ certified by a BRE licensed assessor has been achieved.
-The scheme is designed in collaboration with Crime prevention Design Adviser and achieves ‘Secured by Design’ certification.

All houses are designed to Joseph Rowntree Foundation Lifetime Homes Standards


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Elsworth Homes  
Elsworth Homes  
Elsworth Homes  
Elsworth Homes