Name: Dakenham Hall Barns

Facts and Figures

Architect: Feilden+Mawson LLP
Developer/Client: Building Partnerships Ltd
Location: Rackheath, Norfolk

Further Information

New build zero-carbon office development, designed for internal comfort and low energy use.

Specific Qualities
Each building has been modelled using 2020 predicted temperature charts for future proofing with building orientation and fabric used to significantly reduce energy demand. Residual energy demand is supplied as far as possible by renewables such as heat pumps and wind turbines. The project includes integrated planting for shading and creation of wildlife habitats increasing the ecological value of the site.


Downloadable Images (click to download)

Dakenham Hall Barns  
Dakenham Hall Barns  
Dakenham Hall Barns  
Dakenham Hall Barns