Name: Brian Pippard Building, Clare Hall, Cambridge

Facts and Figures

Architect: Nicholas Ray Architect
Location:Herschel Road, Cambridge
Client/Developer: Clare Hall
Date: 1996-7

Further Information

Clare Hall is a graduate college of the University of Cambridge, originally designed in the 1960s by an English architect who lived all his working life in Sweden Ralph Erskine. One of the reasons that, unlike many buildings of the period, it seems like a comfortable place to live in is that the architect went to a great deal of effort externally to create small scale spaces, and internally to avoid institutional corridors.

This extension to the college follows the pattern of the original, with metal one-way sloping roofs, red brick and south-facing balconies. There are no corridors; each room opens on to a generous staircase, which looks back over the college court and is lit by a large rooflight above: this is painted yellow, so even when the sun is not shining it feels warm.


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Brian Pippard Clare Hall