As part of our creative learning and participation programme, Shape East works with a wide range of artists to engage people with the environments in which they live. Below are some of these artists and the ways in which we have worked together.

Jon Harris // Art. Illustration. Calligraphy

Jon Harris is an artist, illustrator and calligrapher, who has a special interest in topography and architecture. With his encyclopaedic knowledge of the architectural history of Cambridge, Jon Harris is a highly valued historical advisor on developments and refurbishments. He has worked with Shape East on a number of projects, creating beautifully illustrated and intricately designed maps for a range of Shape East sustainability and historic tours. His engagement with and use of the local environments within his drawings has fascinated and enthused all people involved in these projects.

To view the Sustainable Cambridge map by Jon Harris, click here
To view the Devil's Ditch Historic Tour map by Jon Harris, click here

Page to Performance // Word Art. Poetry. Performance

Page to Performance is an educational arts organisation and collective of creative poetry, rap, dj and dance practitioners based in the East of England. The run poetry and spoken word writing and performance workshops, live performances, poetry slam demonstrations and recording workshops for schools, youth clubs and community groups. They have worked with Shape East to bring to life various topics related to the built environment and to collate young people's knowledge and research of issues in poetry performance.

To view an interview with Page to Performance, please click here
To view a short film of Page to Performance's schools poetry event as part of the Shape East Lottery funded River, Rhymes and Voices project, please click here

To see more from Page to Performance, please go to:

Damian Gillie // Photography

Damian Gillie specialises in architectural and industrial photography. He enthusiastically says, 'What I really like about being a photographer is the mask it lets me wear and the ticket to places it gives me access to.' He has worked with Shape East on a number of projects, documenting our work, from on site architectural tours to community runs and sculpture design.

To view more of Damian's work, please click here

aiddesign // Graphics, Illustration and Web Design

Aiddesign are website designers and illustrators based in Cambridge, UK. They are specialists in architectural design and have worked with Shape East on a number of projects, including the recent revamp of our website.

To view more of aiddesign's work, please go to: